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|| Antibody Name: | [Ab1-3G10|http://zfin.org/action/marker/view/ZDB-ATB-130829-9] from the [ZFIN antibody database|http://zfin.org/action/antibody/antibody-search]. ||
|| Other names, clone ids, catalog ids etc. | 370260-S , Ab Human D-Heparan Sulfate , F69-3G10 , 3G10 {hidden-data}3g10{hidden-data}  {hidden-data}ab1-3g10{hidden-data}  ||
|| Does it work on zebrafish\? | yes ||
|| Host organism | Mouse ||
|| Immunogen organism| Human ||
|| Antibody isotype | IgG2b , k ||
|| Antibody type | monoclonal ||
|| Anatomical structures recognized \\
(use terms from the [ZFIN Anatomical Ontology|http://zfin.org/action/ontology/ontology-search]) | [ceratohyal cartilage|http://zfin.org//action/ontology/term-detail/ZFA:0001400]  [Meckel's cartilage|http://zfin.org//action/ontology/term-detail/ZFA:0001205]  [pharyngeal arch 3-7|http://zfin.org//action/ontology/term-detail/ZFA:0001613]   ||
|| Recognized target molecules (gene names, domains, epitopes ...)  | {text-data:RecognizedTargetMolecules}{text-data} ||
|| Recognized ZFIN genes \\
current ZFIN-gene symbols only [ZFIN Gene Search|http://zfin.org/cgi-bin/webdriver?MIval=aa-newmrkrselect.apg] |  ||
|| Supplier(s) | [AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd.|http://zfin.org/profile/view/ZDB-COMPANY-090121-1|AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd.]   ||

h3. Assays Tested

|| Assay || Prep ||Worked || Notes ||
 | immunohistochemistry |  | yes |  from [ZFIN curation|http://zfin.org/action/marker/view/ZDB-ATB-130829-9] | 

h3. Notes
 * Imported from ZFIN Antibody page [Ab1-3G10|http://zfin.org//action/marker/view/ZDB-ATB-130829-9|Ab1-3G10]
 * The antibody (F69-3G10 clone) reacts with heparan sulfate neo-epitope 3G10, generated by digesting heparan sulfate with heparitinase I (Heparinase III) from Flovobacterium heparinum (EC The desaturated hexuronate (glucuronate) that is present at the non-reducing end of the heparan sulfate fragments created by the enzyme is critical for the reactivity of the antibody. The 3G10 antibody dose not react with oligosaccharides generated from chondroitin sulfates with bacterial chondroitinase ABC or AC, or generated from heparan sulfate with heparinase (Heparinase I): EC ([ZFIN Staff|http://zfin.org/cgi-bin/webdriver?MIval=aa-pubview2.apg&OID=ZDB-PUB-081107-1|Antibody information from supplier])
 * [Citations for Ab1-3G10 at ZFIN |http://zfin.org/action/antibody/antibody-publication-list?orderBy=author&antibodyID=ZDB-ATB-130829-9]