The Ganz and Braasch Laboratories at Michigan State University are looking to fill an immediate opening for the position of a Research Technician to manage the joint fish facility of the two groups. This position is an opportunity to join an exciting and diverse team of biologists focused on understanding the genomic basis of vertebrate evolution, development and disease using zebrafish and medaka as model organisms. The successful applicant will be involved in exciting genetic developmental experiments to study nervous system development and vertebrate genome evolution in relation to human health and disease.


Minimum requirements: Knowledge equivalent to that which normally would be acquired by completing a four-year college degree program in biology or related field; up to six months of related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience with fish husbandry, including care of embryos, juveniles, and adult fish; experience maintaining large numbers of aquaria for freshwater fish; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Desired qualifications: Experience handling fish, feeding and food preparation, husbandry related to fish breeding, fish health control, and water quality management; must be absolutely dependable, with excellent organization and communication skills; long-term experience with fish husbandry or aquaculture; knowledge of zebrafish/medaka biology, development, and genetics; ability to take charge and oversee animal husbandry, stock management, and quarantine operations; experience with large-scale, centralized fish husbandry systems; a general familiarity with laboratory safety and campus animal care policy and procedures, experience in training and supervising assistants in fish care and colony maintenance; experience with use of various desktop computer software including database management (Microsoft Office, Dropbox, FileMaker Pro etc.); experience with molecular methods (e.g. DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis), immunohistochemistry, imaging, and microinjections; be willing and able to perform duties on some weekends and holidays on a rotating basis.


Job Summary: Primary responsibilities include maintaining a colony of zebrafish and medaka (up to 650 tanks and 10,000 fish total) including feeding and keeping tanks and the fish rooms clean and in good working order, fish health assessment and quarantine procedures, water quality management.  Fish system and fish database management, ordering of supplies and materials for the fish facility, training undergraduate assistants and other lab members in fish husbandry, interaction with MSU’s Animal Care and Environmental Health offices, and organization of fish import and export from and to stock centers and other institutions. Setup of genetic crosses and providing support for ongoing experiments by tissue sampling, genotyping, immunohistochemistry and imaging.


This is a full-time appointment, and offers excellent benefits (healthcare, dental, etc.). The initial appointment will be for a 6-month probationary period, after which yearly reappointments will be made for successful and productive candidates.



For questions related to this job posting, please email Julia Ganz ( and/or Ingo Braasch (


To apply please go to: - Job position number: 518881


Closing date for applications is July 24, 2018.