The School of Biological Sciences is seeking to appoint a dynamic individual wishing to pursue an academic career in genetics/genomics and/or developmental biology as a Senior Lecturer (Level C, equivalent to Assistant Professor), Associate Professor (Level D) or Professor (Level E).

Genetics/genomics and developmental biology should be interpreted broadly and may for example, include animal, plant or microbial biology and may encompass specific areas including, but not limited to, epigenetics/gene regulation, bioinformatics, cellular and developmental genetics, functional genomics, evolutionary developmental biology, molecular pathology, and reproductive biology.

The School of Biological Sciences, and Monash University as a whole, is a world leader in research and teaching and committed to providing a better future for the globe. The successful applicant will be housed in high-quality research facilities, provided with an attractive recruitment package and employment conditions, and given access to world class research infrastructure including: genomics and bioinformatics support, a broad range of high end microscopy, green houses, state of the art model organism facilities, antibody and recombinant protein production and histological services.

The School of Biological Sciences is committed to the provision of an equitable and supportive work place. The successful applicant will be activity mentored so as to ease the transition into the Australian research system.

The applicant should have:

 Applicants will:

This role is a full-time position; however, flexible working arrangements may be negotiated.

Senior Lecturer


Associate Professor or Professor