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Marie Curie PhD position( ESR): Cell dynamics and genetic regulation in the zebrafish hindbrain morphogenesis

CNRS, Gif/Yvette, Paris, France


The PhD student (ESR) will be employed by CNRS.

The project involves a close interdisciplinary interaction including with the physicists and chemists. The ESR will build a mechano-genetic model to characterize the processes underlying morphogenesis and differentiation of the zebrafish hindbrain from the in vivo observation of cell behaviors, optomanipulation of signaling activities and assessment of biomechanical forces. The strategies to decipher the genetic, molecular, cellular and biomechanical processes underlying the formation of hindbrain compartments and their further differentiation from early embryonic stages (gastrulation) through neurulation (ie from 8 hpf to 24 hpf) include: i) assessing the multilevel consequences of RA signaling activation by opto-isomerisation of an inactive form of RA and monitor the role of FGF8 (optogenetic activation of FGF8 expression) in fgf8 mutants through the in vivo 3D+time imaging and automated tracking of rescued cells; ii) assess biomechanical cues through a tensorial analysis based on cell displacements, segmented cell shape and measurement of lipid droplet deformation in vivo in various genetic and environmental conditions; iii) challenge a mechanogenetic model. More formal directions could be privileged depending on the background of the applicant. 

Students with background in engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science and strongly motivated to work at the interface with embryology are encouraged to apply. 

For more information contact Dr. Nadine Peyriéras at and see the web site of the laboratory (

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