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Job Summary:

Our research aims to restore sight to the blind using regenerative approaches.  We seek a recent PhD that is highly motivated, bright and creative to join our group and to help further characterize mechanisms underlying retina regeneration in zebrafish. We are using RNAseq, CRISPR/Cas9, transgenic and other molecular and cellular approaches to identify the mechanisms by which zebrafish regenerate a damaged retina.  Signal transduction pathways and gene expression programs that drive retina regeneration in fish will be discovered and characterized.  Factors stimulating retina regeneration in fish will be applied to mice to determine if retina regeneration can be stimulated in a mammalian model. Research Fellows are expected to work independently and in teams; design and implement new research strategies; collect and analyze data; and write research manuscripts for publication.

For representative publications, please see:


Required Qualifications:

Ph.D. in neuroscience or related discipline. Publications demonstrating research experience and productivity. Proficient in the techniques of molecular and cellular biology. 


Desired Qualifications:

A recent Ph.D. in neuroscience or related biological discipline. Experience working with mouse and/or fish animal models.  Previous research studying neural development, retina, regeneration, and/or stem cells.



Please submit the following: 1) a cover letter that describes past research accomplishments, future goals and why you desire this position; 2) a list of 3 references with contact information; and 3) a curriculum vitae.


Send application materials to: Dan Goldman via email:



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