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National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), Bethesda, MD


Position: The Drerup lab at the NICHD is looking for highly motivated, post-doctoral researchers to pursue studies related to the cellular mechanisms of nervous system development, maintenance and function. Currently, our interests center on the role of retrograde axonal transport of proteins and organelles in the formation and maintenance of sensory and motor axons. We utilize a variety of techniques including molecular and cellular biology, genetics, microscopy, and proteomics in zebrafish and cultured cells. Individuals interested in expanding on our central themes through independent research and collaboration are encouraged to contact Katie Drerup for more details ( The position will begin on or after January 1, 2017.


Requirements: Applicants are required to have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. and less than three years of post-doctoral experience. Preference will be given to those with a strong scientific record and experience in cell and molecular biology, developmental biology, biochemistry or neurophysiology.


To Apply: Applications, including a cover letter describing your research interests, curriculum vitae, and the contact information (including email address) for three references, can be emailed to Katie Drerup (


Recent Publications

Drerup CM, Lusk S, Nechiporuk A. 2016. Kif1b interacts with KBP to promote axon elongation by localizing a microtubule regulator to growth cones. J Neurosci. 36(26): 7014-7026. PMID27358458.

Drerup CM, Nechiporuk A. 2016. In vivo analysis of axonal transport in zebrafish. Methods Cell Biol. 131:311-329. PMID26794521.

Drerup CM, Nechiporuk A. 2013. JNK-interacting protein 3 mediates the retrograde transport of activated c-Jun N-terminal Kinase and lysosomes. PLoS Genetics. 9(2): e1003303. PMID23468645 



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