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The ZFIN Gene and other marker pages have undergone a major upgrade and are now available to our users. The main highlights of this upgrade are: 

  • Navigation and Page Sections have been made more visible. A navigation panel on the left margin of the page allows one click access to any data type of interest. In addition, page sections have been made more distinct, making them easier to locate on the page.
  • Ribbon summaries and image galleries have been added to the expression, phenotype and Gene Ontology sections. The ribbon summary for these sections is intended to provide an overview of the anatomical structures and biological processes, cellular components, and developmental stages that have annotated data.  Clicking on any colored block in the ribbon will return images and a data table for all associated annotations available at ZFIN. The image set contains any image available in ZFIN with an annotation in the summary table.  Here is a tutorial video illustrating these features:
  • Data tables have been redesigned and included in all sections of the gene page to improve readability. In addition, the table columns allow for the helpful listing of additional details for Sequence targeting reagents, Antibodies, Constructs etc. Users can identify items of further interest without having to navigate to each record in a table. 
  • Table Sorting, Filtering and Pagination capability has been incorporated into most of the data tables. Row sorting and filtering are available in the table/column headers.  Filtering is available in the column header and can be accessible directly or by clicking on the “funnel” icon in the header. Tables can also be adjusted to show 10, 25 or 100 rows. Pagination buttons allow access to all data in the table without having to leave the gene page. Here is a tutorial video illustrating these features:

The layout developed for the ZFIN Gene page has also been implemented for additional marker pages in ZFIN including the transcript, antibody, Sequence targeting reagent, clone and other marker pages, and will be expanded to other pages at ZFIN in the future. 

The “Your Input Welcome” is available, floating at the bottom right corner of all ZFIN web pages.  Use this feature to send us any feedback!  We hope you enjoy the new features!

The ZFIN Team

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