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The Braasch Lab (aka Fish EvoDevoGeno Lab) in the Integrative Biology Department at Michigan State University (MSU IBIO) is looking to fill an immediate opening for a lab manager/research lab technician position. We are looking for an enthusiastic, highly motivated, and responsible individual to join our research team that use different fish species as model organisms to study the genomic basis of vertebrate development, evolution, and disease.


The Braasch Lab focuses on genomic and developmental changes that contribute to major transitions during the course of vertebrate evolution and studies evolutionary novelties at the levels of genome structure, gene family evolution, and gene regulation. We combine comparative genomics with analyses of molecular evolution and functional genetic and developmental approaches using a variety of fishes as our model systems (zebrafish, medaka, spotted gar, killifishes, and others)


The ideal candidate will be expected to work as both lab manager (~50% time commitment) and research technician (~50%) and perform and document a variety of tasks in a timely, accurate and detailed manner, meet with the PI Ingo Braasch on a weekly basis and provide support to graduate students and postdocs in the lab. Primary duties may include, but are not limited to: perform experiments under supervision of laboratory head; provide support with molecular biology, next-generation sequencing, and developmental biology projects; ordering supplies and equipment; lab supply and equipment maintenance and organization; maintaining and documenting lab cleanliness and safety standards; managing lab databases (such as plasmid database, antibody database); equipment maintenance; supervising and training undergraduate students, staff and volunteers.


This is a full-time appointment and offers excellent benefits (healthcare, dental, etc.). The initial appointment will be for a 6-month probationary period, after which yearly reappointments will be made for successful and productive candidates. Salary commensurate with experience. 



MSU IBIO has a strong research commitment to vertebrate biology with a highly collaborative community of groups working on fish evolution, genomics, development, population genetics, neuroscience, behavior, ecology, and conservation, allowing for vibrant exchange among fields, methods and model systems.


For details and to apply, please go to The posting number is 538133.


Closing date for applying to this position is October 16, 2018.


For questions related to this job posting, please email Ingo Braasch (


Follow us on twitter: @fishevodevogeno

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