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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has a long and distinguished tradition of research. The research breakthroughs at Children's Hospital have improved the lives of countless children and put the institution on the course to pediatric research preeminence. To serve its scientific community CHOPs Research Institute has established a number of research cores that support the institutes’ efforts. The Zebrafish Core at CHOP uses a small fish and its larvae to model genetic diseases, to study disease progression and find cures. We perform whole essays for users e.g. by establishing a disease model, phenotypic characterization and drug screening.  We also teach users in all important zebrafish techniques and we are responsible for animal husbandry and aquatic system maintenance.

We are looking to hire a full-time Research Technician III (see below) that will help with daily operation of the core, interact with users, teach zebrafish techniques and preform experiments independently.


Main tasks will include:

-       Organization and maintenance of laboratory space and stocks.


-       Writing, updating, and revising standard operating procedures, daily checklists and record keeping.


-       Ordering, including communications with vendors and the purchasing department.


-       Communicating and interacting with users of the zebrafish core, teaching of zebrafish techniques, help with line maintenance.


-       Working with live zebrafish including breeding crosses and maintenance of hatcheries.


-       Oversee organization of aquatic facility and monitor water parameters.


-       Injection of freshly fertilized eggs for CRIPSR knock-out, transgenics or morpholino knock down.


-       Maintenance of wildtype, mutant and transgenic zebrafish lines.


-       Molecular techniques: PCR, Isolate and purify DNA from bacteria or fish tissue, RNA extraction, RT-PCR, molecular cloning.


-       Histological techniques: antibody-stainings, in-situ hybridization, live staining techniques.


-       Basic microscopy.


-       Comply with safety and infection control standards appropriate to this position.



-       At least 12 month of previous lab experience.


-       Basic computer skills.


-       Good communications skills, fluent in the English language.


-       Enjoy teaching and interacting with users.


-       Hands-on experience in molecular biology, strong instrumentation skills.


-       Must be self-motivated and be able to work independently to perform required tasks and to recognize operational problems.


-       Ability to handle the physical requirements of the job (e.g., repetitive motions, lifting 6-liter (12 lb.) tanks of water, extended periods of standing, walking and sitting).


-       Enjoy working with animals.


-       Experience with zebrafish research is a big plus but not a requirement.


General requirements Research Technician III:


-       Bachelor’s degree preferred, 12 - 24 months relevant laboratory experience beyond classroom / internship(s) experience preferred


-       Or Associate’s degree, 3+ years relevant laboratory experience beyond classroom / internship(s) experience required


-       Needs a specialized education in the biological or chemical sciences


Please apply here:



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