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Mechanosensory basis of spatial navigation in zebrafish

PhD position with Dr. Hernán López-Schier

Location: Helmholtz Zentrum & LMU, Munich, Germany

Available immediately (open until position is filled)

We are looking for a motivated student to conduct a PhD project in an interdisciplinary team that uses the zebrafish to understand the anatomical and functional basis of directional mechanosensation. The proposed project will study mechanical sensing during oriented swimming (rheotaxis) in larval zebrafish. Our group has access to state-of-the-art 3 dimensional behavioural tracking technology, imaging instrumentation to monitor neuronal activity, genetic tools and light- and electron-microscopic reconstructions of neuronal projections and connectivity. We are immediately interested in developing ethograms, in individuality during behaviour, as well as in identifying the flow of mechnosensory information from the peripheral receptors to the brain. Candidates should have a background, or be willing to acquire working knowledge, in computer programming and machine learning.

The student will be affiliated to, and eventually received a degree from, the LMU (ideally) or the TUM.

The working language of the Centre is English. The Helmholtz Zentrum campus is located on the north side of Munich, with a short bicycle or bus ride from the city centre. 

For further information regarding this position please contact Hernán López-Schier at <>

To apply please send an email including a statement of interest, a complete curriculum, and the name and contacts of 2 or 3 academic references.

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