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The Cells-in-Motion-Interfaculty-Centre – CiMIC at the University of Münster offers 

CiM Gerty-Cori Junior Groups 

with tenure-track option in the fields of 

Biomimetic Systems, Immune Cell Plasticity, Machine Learning, Metabolomics, Quantitative Cell Biology, Synthetic Biology, Vascular Heterogeneity 


The junior groups will be associated with CiMIC, an interfaculty structure of the Cells-in Motion Cluster of Excellence involving Medicine, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biology. CiMIC aims at understanding cellular behaviour at various levels using imaging as a central strategy. 

The junior groups will be a 5+2-year appointment with the option of entry into a tenure-track professorial system. Tenure and promotion will be based on evaluation by CiMIC and the involved faculties. Positions will be supplemented by scientific and technical staff positions and required equipment. 

The Gerty-Cori Junior Groups should have an impact on gender equality in the participating disciplines. Consequently, we actively encourage applications by women. Postdoctoral researchers with several years of (international) research experience and outstanding publications in leading international journals are invited to submit their proposals. 

Preference will be given to individuals whose interests are synergistic with ongoing collaborative research programmes at the involved faculties, the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, the Centre for Soft Nanosciences (SoN) or the European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI). 

Please send your application including a CV, list of publications, acquired third-party funds and a short research proposal (2–3 pages) by email in a single PDF document to by January 30th, 2018

Please visit our homepage for more information about the Cells-in Motion Cluster of Excellence and the scientific environment in Münster:

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