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We are seeking 1-2 people to manage a zebrafish colony that serves laboratories studying central nervous system regeneration and blood clotting located in the Taubman Biological Sciences Research Building at the University of Michigan Medical School.  The facility uses multiple recirculating systems to maintain fish in 4 rooms. The primary tasks in the position are animal care and husbandry, equipment and water testing, facility maintenance, record keeping and technical support as outlined below:


Animal care and husbandry of zebrafish:

• Feeding (Fish food preparation, brine shrimp hatching, and deciding feeding regime according to fish size and age).  Occasional weekend feedings will be required.

• Daily monitoring of animal health and if necessary initiate appropriate actions.

• Breeding and stock maintenance.  Includes screening fish for fluorescent reporter expression.


Equipment and water testing:

• Daily and weekly checks of water parameters.

• Maintenance of the water treatment system. Must be able to lift water-filled tanks, filter bags and carbon containers in range of 1-50 lbs.

• Cleaning, washing and disinfection of tanks and other equipment.


Record keeping:

• Maintain accurate, detailed records utilizing written log sheets and computer databases tracking colony health, water quality parameters, animal breeding, and housing or support areas as required.


Responsibilities in support and communication:

• Timely communication (facility orientations/training, meetings, e-mails) with researchers about their animals and experiments.

• Assisting the researchers with different tasks (breeding, embryo care, fin clipping etc.).

• Maintain fish facility supplies.

• Maintain and update Standard Operation Procedures.

• Train and manage temporary employees.


Minimum Requirements

• High school diploma or equivalent.

• Able to function independently and show initiative in keeping up-to-date on the latest developments in zebrafish husbandry.

• Strong data management, managerial, and organizational skills.

• Ability to lift/move up to 50 pounds.

• Computer skills appropriate for the position, including the ability to utilize common applications (e.g., email, Word, Excel).

• Excellent communication skills.

• Interest and experience in biological research.


Preferred Qualifications

• Bachelor's degree

• 2 or more years of experience working with zebrafish in a research environment.

• Able to work well with a variety of students and faculty.

• Experience with fluorescence microscopy.


To Apply: Send cover letter, CV and contact information for 2-3 references to Dan Goldman (

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