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The Alliance of Genome Resources, With ZFIN as a Founding Member, Opening Doors with Version 1.0 Website Release

For the past year, ZFIN has been working with members of the other major National Institutes of Health NHGRI-funded Model Organism Database (MOD) groups, and the Gene Ontology Consortium, to establish The Alliance of Genome Resources (The Alliance; The Alliance now announces the release of the Alliance of Genome Resources website 1.0 - providing unified access to comparative genetics and genomics data from the Alliance data resources ( The MODs currently included in the Alliance in addition to ZFIN are the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD), FlyBase, WormBase, Mouse Genome Database (MGD), and Rat Genome Database (RGD).  In addition, the Alliance includes the Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium. These groups will merge key activities and data representations, coordinating data retrieval and analysis, within a comparative perspective. The Alliance aims to provide a synergistic integration of expertly-curated information about the functioning of cellular systems from model organisms, including zebrafish, and humans to facilitate better understanding of human biology and disease.  Other MODs and related resources will be added to the Alliance going forward.  

As part of the initial 1.0 website release, Alliance working groups have focused on the ability to easily access pages that summarize details of Genes and Diseases, with extensive representation of orthology data, and with access to multi-track JBrowse capabilities primarily for visualization of sequence data. Gene details, functional information, and disease associations are provided with a comparative perspective. As the MOD and GO teams make progress with inclusion of additional data types, the vision going forward includes the incorporation of other model organism information resources and bioinformatic tools within a common data platform, facilitating data access, comparative analyses, and cross-species data integration.

If you have questions about The Alliance in general or the Alliance website contact  ZFIN provides all the zebrafish data found at the website, so if you have questions about zebrafish data specifically, feel free to contact us directly at



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