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The ZebraONCOfish for personalize treatment (The Zebrafish Lab - Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA)), offers a predoctoral research position in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Eligible candidate will join a research line focused on the development of in vitro and in vivo models of metastasis and experimental/screening of new drugs in zebrafish model.

The ZebraONCOfish is a new department created by the company Ikan Biotech, with the objective of providing innovative solutions to reach a personalize oncology treatment based on the molecular and functional characterization of key steps for tumor dissemination and progression.

What we offer

1- The incorporation in The Zebrafish Lab Joint Unit (, within the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA;

2- A translational research project: The Area of Oncology is configured with the aim that the clinical criteria define the basis of the research projects to rapidly revert to the patient.

3- Integration in a multidisciplinary research team: including inputs from different research fields and covering the areas of molecular and cellular biology, liquid biopsy and preclinical models.

4- Attractive scientific environment: The Zebrafish Lab and Center for Applied Medical Research (integrated in the University of Navarra), providing support to all researchers with fully equipped culture rooms, cold chambers, imaging equipment, DNA sequencing, Real-Time PCR amplification, particles analyzers, centralized spectroscopic services, MS-HPLC, Circulating Tumor Cell analysis, animal facilities, etc.

5- Predoctoral Fellowship: 3 years; 25-27K €/ year. This contract will be supported by Government of Navarre.

What we expect

1. Applicants should hold a Master degree in biomedical sciences, medicine or any related discipline.

2. Previous experience in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, cell culture, microscopy techniques and live imaging, and animal models (zebrafish or mouse) will be valued.

3. Any experience in cancer is an advantage. 

4. Competitive academic marks 

5. Good oral and written communication skills in English

6. Capacity to work in an interdisciplinary environment and be able to work in a team. 

7. Immediate incorporation is expected (September-October 2017).

How to apply

To apply, please, email to our personnel management department: including diz/2017 and the Applicant’s full name in the subject of the message together with the following attached documents:

- CVN (

- Copy of the applicant’s degree.

- Cover Letter.

No application will be eligible if all the above mentioned documents are not attached. 


June 6th, 2017 

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