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  • Genomic Resources for Zebrafish

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  • Zfishbook: real-time database of gene-break transposon mutagenesis projects in the zebrafish (Steve Ekker laboratory).

  • Digital Fish: flip trap database and digital atlas (Scott Fraser laboratory).
  • CreZoo: database for zebrafish Cre driver and responder lines (Michael Brand laboratory).
  • zTrap: Tol2-mediated gene and enhancer traps that express GFP or Gal4 in specific cells, tissues, and organs (Koichi Kawakami laboratory).
  • Zebrafish Enhancer Trap Database: Gal4FF enhancer trap lines enriched for brain selective expression maintained at NICHD (Harold Burgess laboratory).
  • ZInC: zebrafish insertion mutation collection (Shuo Lin/Shawn Burgess laboratories).
  • Engert lab neural enhancer trap line resource: This neural enhancer trap line resource is a collection of Gal4 expressing enhancer trap lines which have been registered to the ZBrain for expression comparison and annotation. Full resolution stacks can be downloaded from the website and lines can be ordered from the Engert lab.