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Antibody Name:

Ab1-lama1 from the ZFIN antibody database.

Other names, clone ids, catalog ids etc.

Ab2-lam , anti-laminin , L9393 , L-9393 , L9393 , lama1

Antibody Registry ID.


Does it work on zebrafish?


Host organism


Immunogen organism


Antibody isotype

Antibody type


Anatomical structures recognized
(use terms from the ZFIN Anatomical Ontology)

axial chorda mesoderm; caudal fin basement membrane; ectoderm basement membrane; epiblast plasma membrane; epidermis basement membrane; eye basement membrane; floor plate; gonad primordium; gut; gut anterior region; gut posterior region; head basement membrane; hypochord; intestine basal lamina; intestine basement membrane; Kupffer's vesicle cell-cell junction; lens; margin; median fin fold; median fin fold distal margin; midbrain hindbrain boundary neuroepithelial cell; myoseptum; myotome basement membrane; myotome muscle tendon junction; myotome vertical myoseptum; notochord; notochord anatomical surface; notochord basement membrane; notochord lateral margin; optic cup; optic furrow; optic vesicle; pectoral fin; pharyngeal endoderm; pharyngeal epithelium; pharynx; post-vent region basement membrane; post-vent region portion of connective tissue; presumptive median fin fold distal margin; skeletal muscle basal lamina; scale axon; sensory neuron anatomical region; skeletal muscle extracellular matrix; solid lens vesicle; somite Z disc; somite 24 vertical myoseptum; somite 25 vertical myoseptum; somite 26 vertical myoseptum; somite 27 vertical myoseptum; somite 28 vertical myoseptum; somite border; trunk basement membrane; vertical myoseptum; whole organism

Recognized target molecules (gene names, domains, epitopes ...)