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Comment: added pseudogene guidelines


In some cases when there is a unique mammalian orthologue, but addition of the a, b suffixes would conflict with a different mammalian gene symbol, then numerical suffixes .1, .2 should be appended to the orthologous mammalian gene symbol instead of a, b.

Tandem duplicates with a single mammalian orthologue may also be appended with a .1, .2, using the same symbol as the mammalian orthologue.


      Names -myosin VIa, transcript variant 1, myosin VIa, transcript variant 2,
      Symbols -myo6a_tv1 myo6a_tv2

1.7 Pseudogenes

Pseudogenes are sequences that are generally untranscribed and untranslated and which have high homology to identified genes . However, it has recently been shown that in different organisms or tissues functional activation may occur.  Pseudogenes will be assigned the next number in the relevant symbol series, suffixed by a "p" for pseudogene  e.g. prf1.9p is the symbol for "perforin 1.9, pseudogene".



The protein symbol is the same as the gene symbol, but non-italic and the first letter is uppercase.