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     Example: Tg(Ssa.Ndr2:GFP)  Here the promoter of the salmon Ndr2 gene is driving expression of GFP.

Transgenic constructs using modified clones such as BACs and PACs should be named with the clone type inserted between the "Tg" and the "("

    Example: GFP is inserted to replace the coding sequence of tal1 in the PAC with the GenBank# AL592495.  The construct name would be TgPAC(tal1:GFP).  The accession number of the clone must be included in the publication so that it can be associated with the construct.   A link to the appropriate clone can be found on the construct page.

Enhancer, promoter, and gene-trap constructs may use Et, Pt, or Gt, all of which are considered types of transgenic constructs.