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ZebrafishMine currently includes data from ZFIN, the zebrafish model organism database, and the Panther database:

Data from ZFIN:

  • genes, pseudogenes, markers, clones, transgenics
  • sequence alterations (point mutations, insertions, etc...)
  • genotypes
  • fish
  • phenotype
  • expression
  • subset of protein data
  • reagents (antibodies, morpholinos, CRISPRs, TALENs)
  • probe libraries
  • publications, attributions, synonyms
  • chromosomes, SNPs, RAPDs, STSs, Engineered Foreign Genes
  • Ontology libraries (Gene Ontology, Zebrafish Anatomy Ontology, Sequence Ontology, Phenotypic Quality Ontology)
  • GO annotations
  • ZFIN curated orthology
  • OMIM phenotypes for human orthologs
  • Some person, lab and company data

Data from Panther:

  • computed homologs for zebrafish, mouse and human.

Future releases will contain more ZFIN data. Currently ZebrafishMine does not contain pathway data or GBrowse.

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