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ZebrafishMine can operate on custom lists of data. You can save lists from results pages or create them by uploading lists of identifiers. Lists can be used when running template queries and analyzed by a series of widgets on a list analysis page. You can merge, subtract and find common members if you have more than one list.

ZebrafishMine includes a set of public lists.

All lists, public ones as well as personal ones (if you are logged in) can be viewed on the Lists page, where you can search them and do operations on them.

To create a new list yourself, click on 'Lists', and then on 'Upload' in the toolbar on any ZebrafishMine page:

ZebrafishMine's list creation tool helps you upload a list of identifiers; the list can contain a mix of identifier types.

Now upload the example list:

(adapted from the FlyMine Manual)

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