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Data for a zebrafish reference cross DNA panel paper

Here we report a reference cross panel of DNA, consisting of 520 F2 progeny (1040 meioses) of an AB x India (IN) intercross that has been anchored to a zebrafish genetic linkage map by 102 simple sequence length polymorphisms. This reference cross DNA provides (1) a panel of DNA from the cross that was used to construct the genetic linkage map, upon which polymorphic gene(s) and genetic markers can be mapped; (2) a fine order mapping tool, with a maximum resolution of 0.1 cM; and (3) a foundation for the development of a physical map (an ordered array of clones each containing a known portion of the genome). This reference cross DNA will serve as a resource enabling investigators to relate genes or genetic markers directly to a single genetic linkage map and avoid the problem of integrating different maps with different genetic markers.

The DNA of this reference cross was distributed at the 1996 Cold Spring Harbor Zebrafish meeting to all interested principal investigators. Additional copies are available, although becoming limiting. Additionally, data for the markers are available both at this above link and in Knapik et al. (1996), Development 123, 451-460.

Zebrafish Reference cross resources

  1. Genotype file [text file]
  2. Primers sequence (Table 2) [HTML table or MS Word document]
  3. Allele sizes of SSLPs in 4 strains (Table 1) [HTML table or MS Word document]

Primers sequences and Allele sizes have been published in Development December 1997.

Knapik, E. W., Goodman, A., Atkinson, O. S., Roberts, C. T., Shiozawa, M., Sim, C. U., Weksler-Zangen, S., Trolliet, M. R., Futrell, C., Innes, B. A., Koike, G., McLaughlin, M. G., Pierre, L., Simon, J. S., Vilallonga, E., Roy, M., Chiang, P.-W., Fishman, M. C., Driever, W. and Jacob, H. J. (1996) A reference cross DNA panel for zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) anchored with simple sequence length polymorphisms Development 123, 451-460.

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