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Gene pages have been quietly spruced up lately, but you might not have noticed all of the changes, so presented below is a list of recent improvements.

First off, we have been reliably informed that tables are easier to read than long, long lists (who knew?), so we’ve been all about tables in these three sections:

— Sequence targeting reagents have been converted from a list to a table that includes alleles created by CRISPRs and direct links to related pubs.

— Antibodies have been updated from a list to a table that includes helpful antibody details such as Type, Isotype, etc.

— Constructs have been updated from a list to a table that includes regulatory regions, coding sequences, species involved, source, and pubs.

On the non-table-related front, we have added some nice things to these sections:

— A link to “multi-species” data at Alliance has been added to the Disease Associated with [gene] Human Ortholog section.

— The Protein domains section now includes domain type and names. We used to show just ID numbers and no names. Not cool. Well, those days are over.

— The Transcripts section now provides a direct link to transcript at Ensembl, as well as links to UCSC, NCBI, Ensembl, and ZFIN genome browsers.

— Links to Expression Atlas now appear in the Expression section.

But wait, there’s more, a LOT more … but not quite yet. A truly epic Gene Page Makeover is in the works. But for now, we hope these various improvements will suffice.

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