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An improved version of image browsing has been available for a while, but sometimes it gets overlooked.  Which is a shame, because it's easy to use and pretty fun, too.  

So here's a reminder:  

 In single-box search, the following categories have an image browsing option :

To begin browsing figure images, click the "Browse Images" button at the top of search results:


This will change the results display to show figure image thumbnails instead of the usual linked text results summaries.  All of the search facets for the current category are still shown on the left side of the page and can be used in the same way as usual.  

Clicking any of the thumbnails in the display will show an enlarged single-image view along with links to the associated figure, genes, fish, publication etc. You can page through enlarged images using arrows in the left- and right- margins.  To return to mult-image thumbnail view, click outside the box or on the "X" at the upper-right side of the view.

To leave image browsing mode and return to standard texty results, click the "See all ... results" button:


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