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ZFIN has previously provided information about nucleotide or peptide changes for alleles as a textual note on genomic feature (allele) pages.  To provide better reporting and searching of mutation details, ZFIN has updated the way this information is annotated and displayed.  The genomic feature page now displays detailed information about the nucleotide changes, with corresponding location within the gene when available, as well as associated transcript and peptide changes for alleles.  

Detailed information about genomic features is annotated from publications as well as from direct submissions either to the nomenclature coordinator or via data loads. It is important to note that DNA/cDNA changes, transcript and protein consequences are inconsistently reported in publications, and therefore some of this information might be missing in ZFIN.

We encourage our users to submit any missing information by using the “Your input Welcome” link (on the top right side of our pages).

In addition, mutation details for a particular allele are also displayed on the associated gene page, providing a comprehensive view of known mutations for a single gene.  For example:





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