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A postdoctoral position in regenerative biology is available in the Roehl Laboratory starting this autumn. The project focuses on zebrafish tail regeneration and specifically on how regeneration is initiated after wound closure. The project builds upon our recent Nature Comms paper that identified a central role for Hedgehog signalling the initiation of regeneration. Some of the advanced technologies that will be used in this project are: light sheet microscopy and cre/lox transgenics to track regenerative cell migration; RNAseq analysis to identify early regenerative genes; CRISPR/Cas9 to analyse the role of candidate genes. The postdoc will join a large group of regeneration/developmental/stem cell biologists that are in the Bateson Centre/Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield. In the last REF assessment we were ranked #1 in the UK for Biomedical Research. We will consider applications from the UK as well as international candidates. Informal enquiries are encouraged and should be emailed to Henry Roehl along with a CV (


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