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The Juntti Lab at the University of Maryland is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work in an HFSP-funded position to understand the neural circuitry of visual perception in cichlid fish. We work in a multi-lab collaborative team to understand the differences in visual circuits in comparison with zebrafish. This project will determine the stimuli that evoke behavior, and will use genetically-encoded calcium indicators to identify the responsive neurons. 

Our lab focuses on the control of social behavior, and we ultimately seek to link perception to behavior. We are a well-funded young lab using cutting-edge technologies in molecular genetics, neuroanatomy, pharmacology to make these links. We use the family of cichlid fish as our model system, as they exhibit complex social behaviors and are genetically tractable. We’re looking for a motivated candidate who will pursue independent research, working within a dynamic team of scientists. 


Lab website:


Desired qualifications

  • Experience working with animal models, bonus for prior fish work
  • Interest in mentoring undergraduate students
  • Able to manage overlapping projects effectively
  • Ability to work with general guidance
  • Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to accurately complete detailed work


About the environment

The University of Maryland is located in College Park, 6 miles from Washington, DC. It is easily accessible by Metro or car. We are housed in the Department of Biology, a stimulating group of scientists studying everything from ecology to evolution to neural circuits. UMD is a center of excellence for cichlid genetics as well, with the Carleton & Kocher labs located in the same building. 



Salary is commensurate with experience. UMD offers excellent benefits:


To apply: Please send a C.V. with names of three references and a cover letter to briefly addressing the following questions: How do see your skills, training, and previous experience fitting with the lab? How would this work fit with your future career goals? 

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