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Laboratoire de Physique et Institut de Biologie

associé au CNRS et aux Universités Paris VI et VII

46 rue d’Ulm, Paris 75005





Post-doctoral position available at ENS


A 2-3 years post-doctoral position is available at the ENS, Paris, to study the initiation and growth of cancer from a single cell in zebrafish. The idea is to use the optogenetic tools developed in the host lab to turn on one (or a few) oncogenes (or off some tumor suppressor genes) in single cells of a zebrafish larvea.  The probability of tumorigenesis will be measured and the genetic analysis of cancer developing cells vs non-cancer developing ones will be conducted.


For this project we are looking for a smart, independent and driven person with demonstrated experience in zebrafish: micro-injection, transgenesis, microscopic observations, ISH and genetic analyses.

Knowledge of image analysis (ImageJ) and computer programming (R, Matlab, LabView) favored.

The person will be paid a net post-doctoral salary of about 2800€ (depending on experience). 


Appropriate candidates should send their CV and three letters of recommendation to David Bensimon ( .



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  2.  Control of protein activity and gene expression by cyclofen-OH uncaging”, W.Zhang, F.Hamouri, Z.Feng, I. Aujard, B. Ducos, S. Ye, S.Weiss, M.Volovitch,  S.Vriz, L.Jullien and D.Bensimon, ChemBioChem 19,1-8 (2018)


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