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One postdoctoral position is available at the Nicoli Lab, Department of Genetics and Internal

Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT USA.

The goal of our laboratory is to combine RNA-based mechanisms, genomics, and genetics in

embryonic development to uncover new endothelial cell behaviors in vascular development and

homeostasis. Our laboratory contributed to this research field with several publications available at (most relevant for this job posting are Kasper bioRxiv 2019, Moro Nat. Cell Bio. 2019,

Kasper Dev. Cell 2017, Narayanan Sci. Rep. 2016)

Area of interests in the Nicoli Lab:

1) Define RNA-based regulations occurring during mechanotransduction. The central question is to

understand how translational and regulation of biomechanical genes control cell behaviors dictated by

the extracellular matrix and/or blood flow-hemodynamics.

2) Define the functional effect of multigene miRNA families on developing vascular treats. The central

question is to assign function to complex miRNA genes using an endothelial single cell phenotypic

screening in zebrafish miRNAs knockouts.

3) Define Cis-regulatory RNAs that determine vascular cell behaviors. The central question is to

decode sequences on the RNA that control common or tissue specific homeostatic endothelial cell


Candidates with excellent molecular biology and/or microscopy skills will be considered.

Computational skills are preferable but not necessary. Candidates are required to have strong

interpersonal skills and outstanding written and spoken English to collaborate with a diverse team of

scientists. Qualified candidates should have recently accomplished their Ph.D. degree (possibly no

more than 1 year).

Candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter summarizing:

- A description of accomplishments.

- Research interests in RNA and/or Development and/or Vascular Biology.

- Contact information for three references to: Stefania Nicoli, Ph.D.

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