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Department Summary
Aquatic Animal Care Services (AqACS) is a Research Core Facility supported by the Vice President for Research and Innovation. The mission of Aquatic Animal Care Services is to support researchers using aquatic and semi-aquatic animal models, primarily fish, to study vertebrate genomics and vertebrate development by employing expert husbandry techniques, by supplying efficient and timely services, and by fostering a helpful, cooperative environment. The most prevalent fish model at the University of Oregon is the zebrafish (Danio rerio). Any research investigator with a sponsored project requiring the use of aquatic animals may use the facilities and animals hosted by AqACS, provided the project and its personnel follow all the federal, state, and university policies and procedures on the use of aquatic animals. Currently, AqACS supports 10 investigator laboratories, including all postdoctoral associates, graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting researchers within those laboratories.

Position Summary
This position provides basic aquatic animal care and facility maintenance. The person in this position will care for aquatic animals by feeding, transferring animals to and from cages, maintaining clean cages, and applying medication as prescribed. The ability to follow posted instructions for all tasks related to the care of animals is critical in this position.

In order to provide a clean and safe environment in the lab, this position has the responsibility to perform general sanitation such as cleaning counters, sinks, walls, and floors with disinfectant. This work will involve the operation of mechanical cleaning equipment such as a cage washing machine and power sprayer. When needed, this position will assist with equipment maintenance and inventory.

Monitoring the health of the animals and record-keeping are important duties of this position. Animals are checked daily for findings of behavior, illness or injury and the information is recorded and reported as necessary. The ability to perform accurate identification and census counts of animals is another important aspect of this position.

This position will report to the Director of AqACS.

Work Conditions
Lab spaces are warm and humid at 83 degrees with 90 percent relative humidity. The position requires wearing protective equipment and involves direct contact with animals, repetitive tasks, and repetitive motions.

Work Schedule
Position works a flexible schedule and will be required to work weekends and holidays.

Minimum Requirements
• Six months of experience caring for animals (e.g., watering, feeding, bedding, housing, checking animals' health, etc.).

Professional Competencies
• Ability to follow detailed procedures and protocols.
• Ability to work independently.
• Ability to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
• Computer literacy.

Preferred Qualifications
• Completed courses of professional development in aquatic animal husbandry, especially related to fish; 
• An equivalent combination of training and experience in aquatic animal husbandry.

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