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The Scientific Project Manager is a non-tenure track position at Yale University within the Zebrafish Phenotypic Core for Precision Medicine. The Project Manager will provide support and/or assistance to ensure successful experiments by Yale and non-Yale Investigators using zebrafish models in their research programs. An independent research space will be provided with a fully equipped and managed zebrafish facility.

The Core offers both “assisted” services, i.e., Project Manager leads the project for the Investigator, and “unassisted” services, i.e., Project Manager assists Investigators who have experience with zebrafish models with their projects

Major Responsibilities

  • Project Management
  • Proficiency in designing and leading scientific projects, including project scope, study design, implementing the experimental plan/protocol, troubleshooting, and data analysis/reporting
  • Identify issues and work with and/or assist team member(s) to resolve issues affecting project scope, quality, effort, risk and timelines
  • Strong managerial skills, including mentoring less experienced Investigators, coordinating personal efforts, organizing and leading multidisciplinary teams, ensuring quality work, ensuring all required compliance requirements and standards are maintained, and meeting project deadlines, all with the goal of minimizing experimental failures and achieving timely project completion with strong scientific outcomes
  • “Assist” Services: Conduct a study for an Investigator, starting with assistance from study design through data analysis/reporting
  • Core Projects Oversight
  • Coordinate and be accountable for multiple tasks and/or projects in progress simultaneously
  • Ability to work independently and with multidisciplinary teams
  • Organize and hold regularly scheduled project team meetings
  • Core Operations Oversight
  • Maintain appropriate and required financial records and generate reports as requested
  • Participate in the Core’s ongoing development, including marketing of services, proposals for Core improvements, and staying abreast of technical and scientific advancements in the zebrafish field


  • PhD and postdoctoral experience in a scientific field(s) related to zebrafish biology
  • First author publications related to zebrafish projects are preferred
  • Excellent technical skills, including maintenance of zebrafish colonies, phenotypic analysis of zebrafish embryos and/or adults, microscopy (conventional confocal, two photon or light sheets analysis), gene editing strategies (transgenesis, gene knockin-knockout).
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills as needed to perform responsibilities listed above
  • Excellent written and verbal skills

If interested, please contact Stefania Nicoli ( or Pat Preisig ( to obtain an application and instructions for submitting references

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