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Join the Winning Team…Team SoBran - We are an industry leader in designing professional animal care programs, managing animal facilities, and providing high quality technical support for laboratory animal research projects. At SoBran, we care about people. SoBran's success hinges on our employees. We maintain a professional environment and ensure that our people have the tools and training to achieve; and opportunities for learning and advancement. Our employees' individual talents contribute to our success! We thank you for your interest in SoBran.  

SoBran, Inc. is seeking an Aquatics Specialist V (proposed effort) to serve at our Bethesda, Maryland location. 

OVERVIEW:  Provide animal husbandry to aquatic species such as fish, frogs, and any other aquatic or semi-aquatic species that may be utilized in biomedical research. Duties include maintaining housing systems, performing basic water quality tests, room sanitation and maintaining detailed records.  Provide technical services to include maintaining all aquatic support equipment, schedules, stocks, and maintains all aquatics facilities.  Responsible for completing assigned duties according to established procedures, guidelines, and instructions.

Primary duties may include the following: 

  1. Provide aquatic program oversight and development
  2. Identifies and reports abnormalities of aquatic animal species to Facility Veterinarian
  3. Applies aquatic terminology in all methods of communication
  4. Obtain samples from aquatic species and tank systems
  5. Safely and correctly handles and restrains animals for observation and/or minor procedures
  6. Maintains all aquatic support equipment and associated support areas
  7. Maintains all aquatic holding areas in clean condition without risk to the research animals housed there
  8. Cares for animals according to SOPs and ILAR Guide standards
  9. Assist with introduction of new species, systems, techniques, and management of aquatic areas
  10. Identifies, documents, and reports any environmental abnormalities
  11. Maintains all water holding systems
  12. Correct all water quality problems per Facility Veterinarian
  13. Effectively troubleshoots system problems
  14. Recognizes various parasites, abnormal clinical chemistry values, and abnormal behavior(s) of animals, correctly notifying the veterinarian immediately.
  15. Ability to apply experience and/or knowledge to:
    1. Provide basic entries in scientific records
    2. Understand basic aquatic water chemistry
    3. Identify similarities and differences of types of aquatic holding systems
    4. Create proficient electronic mail
    5. Accurately perform all in-house water quality tests
    6. Work independently
    7. Use good written/oral communication skills
    8. Mentor subordinate staff




  1. BS degree in biological sciences
  2. LATG certification
  3. 4 years of experience working with aquatic species required, preferably at least 2 species, one being zebra fish
  4. Shall have background knowledge of working with animals in biomedical research

To apply, please click on the following link to complete our on-line application process:


Our commitment

SoBran, is firmly committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and prohibits employment discrimination for employees and applicants based on age, race, color, pregnancy, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status, citizenship, disability, protected veteran or other status protected by federal, state, and local laws.


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