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We are seeking outstanding postdoctoral candidates to join the Campàs lab at the University of California,

Santa Barbara. Our group uses interdisciplinary and quantitative approaches to study the formation of

tissues and organs during zebrafish embryonic development. We are interested in connecting the molecular

and cellular process that orchestrate embryogenesis with the physical/mechanical processes that sculpt

tissues and organs into their functional morphologies. To quantify and perturb local tissue mechanics we

employ unique microdroplet techniques that we have recently developed (Campàs et al., Nature Methods,

2014; Serwane et al., Nature Methods, 2017). These techniques offer unprecedented opportunities to study

tissue morphogenesis quantitatively (see e.g., Mongera et al., Nature, 2018).

We are specifically seeking independent, passionate, and motivated applicants for a postdoctoral position

to study the interplay between the molecular and mechanical processes that shape embryonic

tissues in zebrafish. The candidate will be able to work in a collaborative manner with a highly

interdisciplinary group of researchers, including physicists, engineers and developmental biologists. A

Ph.D. in the biological sciences (or related fields) with at least 3 years of laboratory research experience in

zebrafish developmental biology is required. Experience in quantitative biology or biophysics, in addition to

experience in zebrafish development, will be considered positively, but is not required.

This is a renewable, two-year position with full benefits, that will be extended as needed upon good

performance of the candidate. Salary will be competitive and dependent on the level of experience of the

candidate. Applicants should email a CV and a description of research interests to Prof. Campas

(, and should also arrange for at least two references to submit letters of

recommendation of their behalf. Applications submitted by February 15th, 2019 will receive priority

consideration, but the position will remain open until filled. Start date is flexible.

The University of California, Santa Barbara provides an exceptional, interdisciplinary and collaborative

environment for scientists interested in quantitative biology and systems biology (including exposure to the

Santa Barbara/KITP Summer School on Quantitative Biology).

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