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Description & Details

The Goldman lab at the Ohio State University in Columbus is seeking a Research Associate with experience in molecular biology and/or developmental biology to help manage the lab.

The Goldman Lab:
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States today, affecting 27 million people. A central feature of heart disease is the permanent loss of heart muscle, which regenerates very poorly in humans. By contrast, zebrafish can regenerate up to 60 percent of heart cells lost to injury.

The Goldman lab focuses on gene regulatory and chromatin mechanisms that underlie or promote the ability of zebrafish heart muscle to regenerate. Our main techniques include genome editing, confocal imaging, genetics and genomics, analysis of chromatin structure, and purification of protein complexes. 

Please see the recent manuscript: Goldman et al., 2017, Developmental Cell 40:392-404. PMID: 28245924

The position:
The successful candidate will be expected to produce transgenic fish and perform heart surgeries and subsequent analysis using immuno-histochemistry. He/she would also be expected to assist in the basic running of the laboratory including managing of the daily operations, compliance of regulated materials and very importantly training and supervising of research staff. The candidate will be relied upon to produce critical reagents and data that contribute to completion of manuscripts and grants.

The PI is committed to the mentorship and long-term success of all lab members. We offer an exceptional training in zebrafish development and genetics as well as in cardiac biology. This presents an excellent opportunity for involvement in innovative science across molecular, cellular, and developmental biology using animal models to further the alleviation of human disease. Successful candidates will join a dynamic scientific environment within the Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology at the Ohio State University.

Candidates must have a Master’s degree in an appropriate biological/health science or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A Doctoral degree is highly desirable. Confocal imaging experience is a bonus but is not required. Previous experience with zebrafish is not required. The candidate will be expected to be fluent in an array of common molecular biology techniques.

How to Apply / Contact:

Interested candidates should email Dr. Aaron Goldman ( Applicants should include a cover letter describing previous research experience and interest in the position and a CV. Three letters of reference should be available if requested. Informal inquiries and questions relating to the position should also be addressed to Dr. Aaron Goldman.

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