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The Hoffman Laboratory at Yale University is recruiting for an NIH-funded post-doctoral position, available immediately.

The main goal of the Hoffman Laboratory is to gain new insights into the roles of genes associated with autism spectrum disorders at the molecular, cellular, and circuit levels to develop improved pharmacological treatments. To accomplish this, we use zebrafish CRISPR-generated mutants of autism risk genes to directly visualize the functions of these genes in the developing nervous system and to perform high-throughput behavior-based screens.

We are seeking post-doctoral researchers interested in the following projects:

1. Structural and functional mapping of the brains of zebrafish mutants of autism risk genes

2. Characterizing neural circuit deficits resulting from loss of risk gene function

3. Pharmaco-behavioral profiling to identify new pharmacological candidates

Applicant Qualifications:

- Highly motivated, enthusiastic candidates with an excellent publication record

- Strong background in genetics and molecular biology

- Experience with model systems is preferred

- Practical knowledge of microscopy, functional imaging, and bioinformatics is a plus

To apply:

Please send an email with your CV, contact information for 3 references, and cover letter to: Dr. Ellen Hoffman ( using the subject line: Postdoctoral applicant: Your name. Applicants are encouraged to outline research projects of interest.

More information about the lab can be found at

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