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A neuroscience Postdoctoral Research Associate position is available in the Robles Lab at Purdue University ( We apply advanced genetic and microscopic imaging techniques to understand how the nervous system develops in larval zebrafish. We use confocal laser scanning microscopy to image the structural development of genetically targeted neurons within the intact developing brain. Multi-photon microscopy in conjunction with genetically encoded calcium sensors is employed to characterize the visual response properties of visual circuits and their constituent cell types in awake, immobilized larvae. Our major area of emphasis is developing novel, in vivo imaging assays to examine the cellular and circuit-level abnormalities underlying complex neurological disorders such as autism and epilepsy.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in neuroscience, cell biology, genetics, or a related field. The ideal candidate will have expertise in microscopy, image analysis, and molecular biology techniques. Special consideration will be given to applicants with expertise in developing and implementing computational strategies for data/image analysis. 

Please send your CV, a cover letter stating your research interests and professional goals, and the contact information for three (3) references to:

Estuardo Robles


Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

Purdue University

915 W State Street, LILY B-129

West Lafayette, IN, 47907


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