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Please find attached the announcement for five senior positions at the Living Systems Institute and seven senior positions at Biosciences Exeter.

Exeter is recruiting! There are 12 vacancies for research fellows, lectures, professors at the Living Systems Institute and at Biosciences in Exeter.

Applicants using zebrafish as a model organism in development, cell biology, regeneration, ecotoxicology and diseases are strongly encouraged to apply.

We are looking for established or emerging leaders in their field of research with an international reputation and expertise in biosciences. Although the appointees will be expected to sustain a strong research programme, they will also contribute to our educational programmes and to the overall student experience.


For more information see our recruitment pages 

LSI : 



For an informal discussion about opportunities within the LSI please contact or


This is a rolling-recruitment campaign, with final closing dates at 22nd of January 2018 and at the 16th April 2018..

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