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The Duke University School of Medicine Zebrafish Core Facilities (Z-Core) is a shared resource that offers aquaculture services to nine biomedical research labs using zebrafish as a model organism.  Having gone through several expansions since its inception in 2003, the Duke Z-Core now houses over 12,000 tanks. The facility utilizes seven large multi-rack recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and many small RAS units to house thousands of transgenic and mutant zebrafish strains.  The facility staff provides fish husbandry and RAS maintenance in support of studies at the forefront of tissue regeneration, microbiota interaction, morphogenesis, cellular disease, and immunology research.  The Z-Core’s growth and use of advanced aquaculture equipment creates a unique and growth-oriented environment for professionals looking to advance in aquaculture and aquatic science disciplines.


The Z-Core has an immediate opening for a full-time facility technician to be part of a dedicated husbandry staff. Candidates should have at minimum an associate’s degree in a scientific discipline, with a bachelor’s degree preferred.  A general understanding of aquaculture, husbandry, and water chemistry is expected.


Work responsibilities include:

1.)  Provide daily fish feedings.

2.)  Record daily water parameters and review for abnormal readings.

3.)  Clean and calibrate water quality probes and system sensors.

4.)  Handle basic needs of the facility during weekends.

5.)  Change system filters.

6.)  Cleaning, maintenance, and organization of tanks and aquaculture components.

7.)  Assist facility management in resolving any problems in facility operation.

8.)  Transfer embryos and provide care to nursery racks.

9.)  Support facility sanitation protocols.

10.)  Assist in decapsulation of Artemia cyst and maintain cultures.

11.)  Check fish health daily.

12.)  Assist facility researchers when needed.

13.)  Participate in bi-weekly staff meetings.

14.)  Contribute ideas on facility improvements regarding equipment, procedures, and techniques.


Other duties may be required as necessary.   Training will be provided as needed.  Work on weekends and an occasional holiday is required.


Working conditions:

The facility technician will be on his/her feet a majority of the time and will periodically need to lift items up to 50lbs.  Work will be performed in or around wet conditions that require extra caution.  Work may result in occasional exposure to malodorous smells, chemicals, and fish and bacterial waste.


Start date: As soon as possible.

Salary:  DOE / DOQ


If interested please send cover letter and resume to Jim Burris, Facilities Manager, at


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