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A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr Caroline Hill at the Francis Crick Institute (, which is a new world-class interdisciplinary biomedical Institute situated in central London.

Work in the Hill lab is focused on understanding how TGF-β superfamily signalling pathways function normally in early vertebrate development and in adult untransformed tissue culture cells, and how these signalling pathways are perturbed in cancer. We have been exploiting the very powerful combination of early vertebrate developmental systems (primarily zebrafish embryos), together with a variety of model tissue culture systems, and we use methodologies ranging from developmental and cell biology to computational modelling. 


For recent publications see:

Agricola et al., 2011 Mol. Cell  43, 85–96

Wu et al., 2011, PLoS Biology 9, e1000593.

Reichert et al., 2013, Development 140, 4435–4444

Vizán et al., 2013, Sci Signal 6 ra106.

van Boxtel et al., 2015, Dev Cell 35, 175–185

Coda et al., 2017, eLife 6, 720


I am looking for a highly motivated postdoc with proven research abilities and an excellent publication record.

The project will focus on dissecting the regulation and function of Nodal signalling in early zebrafish embryos and determining how the Nodal pathway interacts with other signalling pathways to specify different cell fates.


Person Specification

 The post holder should embody and demonstrate the core Crick values: Bold, Imaginative, Open, Dynamic and Collegiate, in addition to the following:


  • PhD in a relevant area or in the final stages of completion
  •   Knowledge and experience of working with zebrafish as a developmental system.
  • Excellent track record as evidenced by publications or submitted manuscripts in refereed journals
  • A highly creative and motivated individual, able to work independently and also capable of interacting well within a group, keeping detailed records of experiments, and communicating well.


  • Experience in signal transduction
  • Experience in imaging


For more details, please contact Dr Caroline Hill (

To apply please send a CV and a cover letter describing research accomplishments and interests, with the names of two to three scientists who are familiar with your research, to Dr Caroline Hill at the above email address.

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