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Post Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sensory-Motor Interactions

School/department: School of Life Sciences and the School of Engineering and Informatics


Hours: full time

Contract: fixed term for 3 years

Salary: £35,609 per annum

Closing date:  31st August. 

Expected Interview date: Mid September

Expected start date: November 1st


A post-doctoral position is available jointly in the groups of Prof. Leon Lagnado (School of Life Sciences) and Dr Christopher L Buckley (School of Engineering and Informatics).  This collaborative, BBSRC funded, project aims to investigate how self-generated visual input is processed in the vertebrate brain. Light-sheet microscopy will be used to image neural activity across the brain of live zebrafish behaving in a virtual reality environment in order to characterise the neural circuits involved in the interactions between the sensory and motor systems (an example of the imaging technique to be used can be found in Nature. 2013;493: 466–468).  The position would suit an experimental neuroscientist who has strong interests in collaborating with computational and systems neuroscientists.

Sussex Neuroscience ( is one of the foremost centres for Neuroscience research in the UK and the University of Sussex has a beautiful campus on the outskirts of the lively South Coast town of Brighton.

Applicants must have a Ph.D and research experience in neuroscience. A quantitative approach is essential and experience in zebrafish neurobiology would be a distinct advantage. An overview of the project is available at Informal enquiries are encouraged and should be made to Leon Lagnado ( or Chris Buckley (


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