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Arkana Laboratories is a center for diagnostic pathology and research focused on one thing: improving care for patients.

We are seeking a senior scientist to conduct research in our state of the art zebrafish facility in Little Rock, AR.  The laboratory is developing zebrafish models of kidney disease and also performs contract research including toxicological testing.

To apply, please send your resume and letter of interest to


Job Title: Senior Scientist

Reports To: Director, Zebrafish labs

Status: Salary; Full-Time


Job Summary

The Zebrafish Core Program is involved in designing disease models of zebrafish, provide preclinical toxicity/efficacy evaluation and other experimental services to industry and academic institutions, as well as internal clinical staff investigators.  The scientist should be able to provide expertise in conducting, designing and troubleshooting experiments involving zebrafish. The person should have basic knowledge of the pathophysiology of diseases.


Job Duties and Responsibilities

·         Design and conduct research.

·         Evaluate facility capabilities and work with administration to identify and develop new services.

·         Performing molecular tests

·         Design Zebrafish disease models (i.e. CRISPR, gene knockouts, etc…).

·         Act as a liaison between facility scientific staff and administration.

·         Write grants (e.g. NIH, SBIR)

·         Set and track milestones of ongoing projects as well as ensure timely delivery of the projects.


Performance Requirements

Overview list

·                 Prior experience and capability with molecular techniques in zebrafish, including,

o   Molecular techniques involving DNA, RNA and protein

o   Targeted genome editing with Cas9

o   Techniques for visualizing nucleic acids and proteins in whole mounts and tissue sections

o   Use of bioinformatic tools for primer and probe design, and sequencing data interpretation


Detailed list

·         Prior experience and capability with molecular techniques in zebrafish, including.

o   Nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) extraction, purification, and quantification

o   PCR techniques, including primer design, rtPCR and qPCR

o   Plasmid construction, transformation, and transfection

o   Sequencing data interpretation (NGS and direct/Sanger), including bioinformatics tools

o   Genetic manipulation

     Random gene disruption via chemical mutagenesis

     Targeted genome editing with Cas9

o   Techniques for visualizing RNA and DNA in-situ, whole mount and tissue sections


o   Protein extraction, purification, quantitation, and visualization

     Western blot

o   Techniques for visualizing proteins in-situ, whole mount and tissue sections

     Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence

·         Ability to troubleshoot experiments.

·         Ability to write grants.

·         Ability to lead and motivate.

·         Ability to communicate clearly, professionally, and effectively, both verbally and in writing.

·         Understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements germane to animal research.


Education and Experience

·         PhD in Biotechnology, Developmental Biology or Molecular Biology preferred.

·         Minimum of two years postdoctoral experience working in an academic institution or industry will be preferred.


Work Site Conditions

·         Working in close proximity to water and wet surfaces.

·         Moderate level of noise.

·         Potential contact with infectious agents requiring the use of Personal Protective Equipment.



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