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University of California, Berkeley
Laboratory Assistant III, MCB (9602C) #22963



• Prepare fish food and feed fish per as per standard operating procedures.
• Wash tanks; sterilize net and glassware – 5 percent of the day.
• Routine maintenance of aquaria and re-circulating water system.
• Record keeping – The daily SOP checklist must be filled out and data, as well as any anomalies, recorded. Conductivity and pH values, feeding times, etc. are recorded on paper. Additionally, the employee must calculate daily the amount of salts and bicarbonate to add to the water to achieve the appropriate conductivity, hardness/alkalinity, and pH and these values are recorded.
• Miscellaneous husbandry or record keeping tasks as assigned by senior staff.
• Analyze fish growth, assess when stocks can be moved from nursery to main facility, and responsibility for moving stocks as appropriate.
• Perform specialized system maintenance (clean and calibrate conductivity and pH probes; dissemble UV sterilization system and perform repairs and/or replace UV bulbs; undertake major system repairs (e.g. pump replacement, leak repair).
• Co-train and co-supervise work study students during their shifts and train and/or assist lab members on fish facility tasks as requested.

Required Qualifications

• Must have sufficient education or experience to be trained in the duties of the position
• Must be extremely reliable and responsible
• Ability to follow directions, pay attention to detail, and keep careful records
• Once trained, must be able to work independently to perform required tasks and to recognize and report operational problems, and often undertake required repairs
• Ability to handle the physical requirements of the job, including but not limited to ability to stand for long period of time.
• Enjoy working with animals 
• Must be available to work 3-4 days per week, including at least 1 weekend day
• Must be able to work occasional holidays.
• Must be comfortable working in a warm environment and tight spaces.

• High school diploma required

Preferred Qualifications

• Previous work experience with animals or in an aquatic animal facility is preferred.
• Familiarity with Aquatic Ecosystems equipment is preferred.
• Ability to work frequent holidays or to cover for others on vacation is highly preferred.
• Some college coursework, particularly in the biological sciences, preferred.

Salary & Benefits

The salary range for this position is $19.86 - $20.69 hourly, commensurate with experience.

For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University visit:

Other Information

This position is 60% of full-time (approximately 24 hours per week), and will require at least one weekend day per week.

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