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Postdoctoral and PhD student position on zebrafish skin development, regeneration or carcinogenesis in Cologne, Germany A post-doctoral (E13) and a PhD student (65% E13) position are available in the laboratory of Matthias Hammerschmidt at the Biocenter of the University of Cologne, Germany, to contribute to our ongoing research on skin, fin and cutaneous appendage development, regeneration or carcinogenesis in the zebrafish. Using a combination of forward and reverse (CRISPR) genetics, transgenesis, chemical genetics, and in vivo imaging, we study different aspects of skin development, including cornification-like processes in epidermal appendages named breeding tubercles, as well as epithelial carcinogenesis and wound healing in the adult skin, including the formation and regression of scar tissue (see for instance, Richardson et al., Development 2016; Hatzold et al., eLife 2016). Several of our investigated genes are likely to be also implicated in human skin development, homeostasis or disease, and collaborations with human geneticists and dermatologists are ongoing to look into this. For further information, please visit our website ( or contact us directly via email or telephone (see below).

The Cologne Biocenter is located in the center of Cologne, and offers an excellent scientific environment for the conducted research. In the last round of the German Excellence Initiative Competition, the University of Cologne has been awarded the status of a “University of Excellence”, with our research group as part of the funded Cluster of Excellence CECAD. In addition, we are part of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC) and the Collaborative Research Center (SFB829) entitled “Molecular Mechanisms regulating skin homeostasis”, with over 20 participating research groups working on different aspects of non-mammalian, mouse or human skin development and disease. In addition, Cologne is a very international and lively city, offering many opportunities for interesting leisure activities.

Postdoctoral candidates must have a Ph.D. in biology, and a strong interest in molecular and cellular developmental biology, dermatology or regeneration. Previous experience with the zebrafish and with imaging techniques is preferred, but not absolutely essential. Proficiency in English is required.

To apply, please email your detailed CV and names of two to three referees to

Matthias Hammerschmidt; phone: ++49-221-470 5665

Cologne University, Biocenter - Room 3-502, Zuelpicher Strasse 47b,

D-50674 Koeln, Germany

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