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Marie Curie PhD position( ESR): Imaging and modelling viral infection and host response in the entire zebrafish larva

Pasteur Institute, Paris, France


The PhD student will be employed at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and will work in the group of Dr. Jean-Pierre Levraud with Dr. Emma Colucci-Guyon as co-supervisor. The PhD student will use the Sindbis virus infection model established by the group to understand how a virus propagates from organ to organ in vivo, and how the host interferon response counteracts this spread. The PhD student will use reporter systems for live imaging of the viral infection, such as viruses encoding fluorescent proteins to detect infected cells and transgenic zebrafish expressing fluorescent proteins to identify interferon-producing cells. The work will rely on already establish reporters and require the development of new systems to understand the early events that follow virus entry in cells. Co-infections with multiple viruses encoding a rainbow of colours will be imaged in the entire body for several days, revealing the path followed by viruses from cell to cell, and particularly for brain invasion. These data will be integrated into a computer model of the entire infected animal to identify the key parameters that control virus dissemination. 

For more information contact Dr. Levraud at and see the web site of his research group ( 


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