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Marie Curie PhD position( ESR): New reporters for the study of zebrafish embryo development and immune response

University of Montpellier, France


The PhD student will be employed at the University of Montpellier in France and will work in the group of Dr Georges Lutfalla with Dr. Mai Nguyen-Chi as co-supervisor. He/She will study macrophage behaviour in vivo in physiological and pathological situations. For this purpose he/she will develop new zebrafish transgenic lines expressing reporters, censors and actuators. He/She will use these tools together with a rainbow strategy to study macrophage activation both during regeneration processes and during infections by different bacterial pathogens. The project will involve implementation of new techniques of intravital microscopy including litghsheet microscopy and super-resolution. The new transgenic lines will also be used in other groups of the network to study host-pathogen interactions but also to study early development of the vertebrate embryo. 

Minimum salary, 2300 €/month. The recruited PhD student will have a full social security coverage offered by University of Montpellier

For more information contact Dr Georges Lutfalla at and see the web site of his research group (

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