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Postdoctoral position with competitive salary including all social benefits available at BioMediTech, an independent research institute with brand new building and top end infrastructure at the University of Tampere, Finland. Extra financial aid to facilitate moving can be discussed. Deadline 15.12.2016.

Scope of Research: 

(1)   Transfer novel CRISPR-Cas9 based system which allows elevation of strictly endogenous gene expression recently set up by the lab in mouse into zebra fish system.


(2)   Generate novel Parkinson’s disease and dopamine system regeneration models using the above novel and conventional approaches.


(3)   Analyze “hits” from omics screens in mouse dopamine system function and regeneration generated by other lab members in zebrafish system.

We are recruiting an outstanding candidate with expertise in molecular biology, strong drive and an ability to conduct independent research.

The post-doc will have his/her own technician (50% time allocation) with expertise in fish genetics, analysis and zygote injections. After settling in he/she will supervise 1-2 MSc students who will work 100% on the project(s).

Experience in fish or mouse development, embryo or cell imaging tools, bioinformatics and/or Parkinsons’s disease models would be desirable but not required. The required key expertize is molecular biology and a strong ambition and drive.

 The Andressoo group investigates how ability to change endogenous morphogen levels – neurotrophic factors, mitochondrial quality control genes, chaperones, etc impact the outcome in development and in models of Parkinson’s disease with a long-term goal to extend the concept into other neurodegenerative conditions and CNS traumas. The main model organism has been mouse, but the lab seeks to set up research in zebrafish. The main lab is currently situated at the University of Helsinki, Institute of Biotechnology, the new line of research in zebra fish is set up at BioMediTech, University of Tampere, where JO Andressoo was recently nominated as Associate Professor in Cell and Tissue Engineering. The plan is to gradually transfer the lab from Helsinki to Tampere.


 Recent publications
1. Kumar A, Kopra J, Varendi K, Porokuokka LL, Panhelainen A, Kuure S, Marshall, P, Nevalainen N, Härma MA, Vilenius C, Lilleväli K, Tekko T, Mijatovic M, Pulkkinen N, Jakobson Mad, Jakobson Mai, Ola R, Palm E, Lindahl M,  Strömberg I, Võikar V, Piepponen TP, Saarma M, Andressoo JO . GDNF overexpression from the native locus reveals its role in the nigrostriatal dopaminergic system function. PLOS Genetics, 2015 Dec 17;11(12).

2. Kopra J, Vilenius C, Grealish S, Varendi K, Lindholm J, Castren E, Voikar V, Björklund A, Piepponen P, Saarma M, Andressoo JO. GDNF is not required for catecholaminergic neuron survival in vivo. Nature Neuroscience, 2015 Mar;18(3):319-22.

The lab has several manuscripts under revision or under submission.


Please provide a CV, statement of interest, and the names of 2-3 references.  


Jaan-Olle Andressoo
Cell and Tissue Engineering
Associate Professor
University of Tampere

Principal Investigator
Institute of Biotechnology
P.O. Box 56, Viikinkaari 5D
FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358-2941 59394
GSM  +358 503581213

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