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Two postdoctoral positions are available to study mechanisms of vertebrate development and their evolution, with new NIH grants specifically funding investigations of post-embryonic, neural crest-derived stem cells, the morphogenesis of melanocytes and melanoma cells, and the development and evolution of the diverse adult pigment patterns of zebrafish and their relatives. Our lab employs a variety of approaches including forward genetics, time-lapse imaging, and next generation sequencing and analyses of new danio genomes. More information about the lab can be found at: More information about the outstanding research environment at the University of Washington can be found at:

Candidates for these positions should already have a Ph.D., or should be within one year of completing their doctoral research. Please mail or email a CV including a list of references to:

David M. Parichy, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
University of Washington
Kincaid 024a, Box 351800
Seattle, Washington 98195-1800

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