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Welcome to the ZFIN Community Wiki

This is where zebrafish researchers can share information with the rest of the community.  The wiki contains the following content:


General protocols.  Includes content submitted by the community and imported from the Zebrafish Book, 5th edition .Antibodies and related protocols.  Includes antibodies submitted by the community and imported from ZFIN.


A Sandbox is provided for testing.  Content is deleted daily.

We encourage your participation.  To add an antibody, protocol, comment, or edit the sandbox you must log in to the wiki.  Please sign up for an account.

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  1. Question: Anyone know of a reference lab that can and will do CBC and Biochemistry work for Zebra-fish? Our investigator who needs this service is only able to obtain 2 -5uL of blood. Any help or information would be most appreciated.


    Cheryl Yost