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Antibody Name:

zn-12 from the ZFIN antibody database.

Other names, clone ids, catalog ids etc.

ZN-12 antibody to HNK-1 , zn12

Does it work on zebrafish?


Host organism


Immunogen organism


Antibody isotype

IgG1 , k

Antibody type


Anatomical structures recognized
(use terms from the ZFIN Anatomical Ontology)

afferent neuron; amacrine cell; anterior commissure; cranial ganglion plasma membrane; cranium sensory neuron; enteric nervous system plasma membrane; epibranchial placode plasma membrane; facial ganglion; fin plasma membrane; glomerular layer; hindbrain basement membrane; interneuron; lateral column; lateral line axon; medial longitudinal fasciculus; medial longitudinal fasciculus brain nucleus; motor neuron; musculature system plasma membrane; myotome plasma membrane; nervous system neuron projection; neuromast; neuron; neuron axon; nucleus of the tract of the anterior commissure; post-vent region neuroepithelial cell; posterior lateral line neuron; posterior lateral line ganglion; postoptic commissure; presumptive neural retina; retina; retinal ganglion cell; retinal ganglion cell layer; retinal inner nuclear layer; retinal inner plexiform layer; retinal neural layer plasma membrane; rhombomere anatomical compartment boundary; rhombomere 2; Rohon-Beard neuron; Rohon-Beard neuron axon; Rohon-Beard neuron plasma membrane; supraoptic tract; telencephalon; telencephalon neuron; tract of the postoptic commissure; trigeminal ganglion; trigeminal ganglion axon; trigeminal placode

Recognized target molecules (gene names, domains, epitopes ...)


Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)

Assays Tested







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