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Welcome to the ZFIN Community Antibody Wiki.  This is where zebrafish researchers can help each other by sharing antibody information - new antibodies, protocols, tips - anything that might be helpful.

Finding an antibody

Antibodies often have several different names.  If you don't see an antibody in the list below, double-check by searching for it or any of its related information using the antibody search-field:

Use * and ? for wildcard searches.  For more help with search syntax, see Confluence Search Syntax.



How to Contribute

To create a new antibody or add a comment, you must log in.  If you do not have an account, sign up to become a registered user. 



Community Submitted Antibodies

Antibodies represented here on the Wiki but not (yet) in the ZFIN antibody database.



Page: Acta2 antibody
Page: Acta2 antibody-Ab2
Page: Actn3a antibody
Page: Acvr2b antibody
Page: Add1 antibody
Page: Adrbk2 antibody
Page: Ahcyl1 antibody
Page: Ahcyl2 antibody
Page: AKT1 antibody
Page: Alcama antibody
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ZFIN Antibodies

These antibodies have been imported from the ZFIN antibody database.

Page: Ab-10E4
Page: Ab-12-101
Page: Ab-2F11
Page: Ab-2H9
Page: Ab-3A10
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Ab1-eif2a Page: Ab1-eif3e Page: Ab1-eif4b Page: Ab1-eif4e Page: Ab1-eif4ebp1 Page: Ab1-eif4g Page: Ab1-ela Page: Ab1-elavl1 Page: Ab1-elavl4 Page: Ab1-elna Page: Ab1-elnb Page: Ab1-emilin3 Page: Ab1-eml1 Page: Ab1-eng Page: Ab1-enox1 Page: Ab1-enpp2 Page: Ab1-eomesa Page: Ab1-epas1 Page: Ab1-epdr1 Page: Ab1-erp44 Page: Ab1-etfa Page: Ab1-etv2 Page: Ab1-ezr Page: Ab1-fam53b Page: Ab1-fbl Page: Ab1-fbxo5 Page: Ab1-fbxo7 Page: Ab1-fbxw7 Page: Ab1-fev Page: Ab1-fezf2 Page: Ab1-fhl1 Page: Ab1-fli1b Page: Ab1-flt4 Page: Ab1-fos Page: Ab1-foxa1 Page: Ab1-foxa3 Page: Ab1-foxn4 Page: Ab1-foxo1 Page: Ab1-fras1 Page: Ab1-fryl Page: Ab1-fscn2 Page: Ab1-fto Page: Ab1-fus Page: Ab1-fzd10 Page: Ab1-g6pd Page: Ab1-galn Page: Ab1-gapdh Page: Ab1-gas7 Page: Ab1-gata1a Page: Ab1-gata3 Page: Ab1-gata4 Page: Ab1-gc3 Page: Ab1-gdnf Page: Ab1-gemin2 Page: Ab1-gemin5 Page: Ab1-gipc Page: Ab1-git Page: Ab1-glb Page: Ab1-glcci1 Page: Ab1-gli1 Page: Ab1-gli2a Page: Ab1-glrx2 Page: Ab1-glycine Page: Ab1-gmfb Page: Ab1-gnai3 Page: Ab1-gnao1 Page: Ab1-gnat2 Page: Ab1-gnb1a Page: Ab1-gnrh Page: Ab1-gper Page: Ab1-grk7a Page: Ab1-grm6b Page: Ab1-gsk3 Page: Ab1-guca1c Page: Ab1-hapln1a Page: Ab1-hbbe1 Page: Ab1-hbbe1.1 Page: Ab1-hck Page: Ab1-hcrt Page: Ab1-hdac1 Page: Ab1-hdac4 Page: Ab1-helt Page: Ab1-hemocyanin Page: Ab1-hepacama Page: Ab1-hif1a Page: Ab1-hif1ab Page: Ab1-hif1al Page: Ab1-histamine Page: Ab1-histh1 Page: Ab1-HMB45 Page: Ab1-hmcn2 Page: Ab1-hmgb1 Page: Ab1-hmgb1a Page: Ab1-hmgcr Page: Ab1-HNE Page: Ab1-hoxc9 Page: Ab1-hsf1 Page: Ab1-hsp70 Page: Ab1-hsp90 Page: Ab1-hspa5 Page: Ab1-hspa8 Page: Ab1-hspb1 Page: Ab1-hspd1 Page: Ab1-id2 Page: Ab1-ifih1 Page: Ab1-igf1r Page: Ab1-igf2bp3 Page: Ab1-igf3 Page: Ab1-igsf11 Page: Ab1-il1b Page: Ab1-il4r.1 Page: Ab1-ilk Page: Ab1-immt Page: Ab1-inpp5b Page: Ab1-inpp5e Page: Ab1-insm1a Page: Ab1-irf6 Page: Ab1-irig Page: Ab1-ist1 Page: Ab1-itga6a Page: Ab1-itgav Page: Ab1-jag1b Page: Ab1-JAS96 Page: Ab1-jun Page: Ab1-Kaede Page: Ab1-kank3 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Ab1-mnx2b Page: Ab1-mpz Page: Ab1-mpzl1l Page: Ab1-msh6 Page: Ab1-msi1 Page: Ab1-mtm1 Page: Ab1-mtor Page: Ab1-mybpc1 Page: Ab1-myc Page: Ab1-myf5 Page: Ab1-myh9 Page: Ab1-myh10 Page: Ab1-myl2 Page: Ab1-myo6 Page: Ab1-myo7a Page: Ab1-myod1 Page: Ab1-myog Page: Ab1-myt1 Page: Ab1-nav3 Page: Ab1-ncam Page: Ab1-ncam1b Page: Ab1-ncl Page: Ab1-nes Page: Ab1-neurod1 Page: Ab1-nf1 Page: Ab1-ngfr Page: Ab1-nhsl1b Page: Ab1-nipbla Page: Ab1-nipblb Page: Ab1-nitr9 Page: Ab1-nitrotyrosine Page: Ab1-nkx2.2 Page: Ab1-nlk Page: Ab1-nmt2 Page: Ab1-noggin Page: Ab1-nos1 Page: Ab1-nostrin Page: Ab1-npc1 Page: Ab1-nphs2 Page: Ab1-nr3c1 Page: Ab1-nr5a1a Page: Ab1-nsf Page: Ab1-ntn4 Page: Ab1-ntrk Page: Ab1-nucb2 Page: Ab1-nup98 Page: Ab1-O4 Page: Ab1-ocrl Page: Ab1-odc1 Page: Ab1-olig2 Page: Ab1-opn4 Page: Ab1-optn Page: Ab1-otof Page: Ab1-otpa Page: Ab1-otub1 Page: Ab1-oxt Page: Ab1-p2rx7 Page: Ab1-pabpc Page: Ab1-paf1 Page: Ab1-pak Page: Ab1-pak4 Page: Ab1-pan-Cadherin Page: Ab1-pan-MAGUK Page: Ab1-panx1a Page: Ab1-panx1b Page: Ab1-paqr Page: Ab1-paqr7b Page: Ab1-paqr8 Page: Ab1-pax Page: Ab1-pax1 Page: Ab1-pax3 Page: Ab1-pax6a Page: Ab1-pcdh1g Page: Ab1-pcdh15a Page: Ab1-pcm1 Page: Ab1-pcnt Page: Ab1-pcsk9 Page: Ab1-pdcd2 Page: Ab1-pdcd4 Page: Ab1-pdi Page: Ab1-pfn2 Page: Ab1-pgr Page: Ab1-phospho-(Ser-Thr) PKA substrate Page: Ab1-phox2b Page: Ab1-phox2bb Page: Ab1-pik3r1 Page: Ab1-pim1 Page: Ab1-pip4k2a Page: Ab1-pitpnb Page: Ab1-piwil2 Page: Ab1-plax8.1 Page: Ab1-plekho1b Page: Ab1-pls3 Page: Ab1-podxl Page: Ab1-podxl2 Page: Ab1-pomc Page: Ab1-ppm1e Page: Ab1-prickle1a Page: Ab1-prkac Page: Ab1-prkaca Page: Ab1-prkcb Page: Ab1-prkd1 Page: Ab1-prmt1 Page: Ab1-prmt5 Page: Ab1-prom1a Page: Ab1-prom1b Page: Ab1-ptch2 Page: Ab1-ptdIns(3,4,5)P3 Page: Ab1-ptena Page: Ab1-ptger1 Page: Ab1-ptges Page: Ab1-ptgs2 Page: Ab1-ptk2b Page: Ab1-ptmab Page: Ab1-ptpro Page: Ab1-pum1 Page: Ab1-pvalb7 Page: Ab1-rab3 Page: Ab1-rab4 Page: Ab1-rab11 Page: Ab1-rac1 Page: Ab1-rac2 Page: Ab1-rad21 Page: Ab1-rad51 Page: Ab1-raf1 Page: Ab1-rag1 Page: Ab1-rapsn Page: Ab1-rarab Page: Ab1-rb1 Page: Ab1-rbfox3 Page: Ab1-rbpms2 Page: Ab1-reln Page: Ab1-rer1 Page: Ab1-rest Page: Ab1-ret Page: Ab1-rhbg Page: Ab1-rhcgb Page: Ab1-rhoa Page: Ab1-rhov Page: Ab1-rp2 Page: Ab1-rpe65c Page: Ab1-rpl5 Page: Ab1-rpl22l1 Page: Ab1-rps6 Page: Ab1-rps7 Page: Ab1-rps19 Page: Ab1-rtf1 Page: Ab1-rtn4a Page: Ab1-rtn4b Page: Ab1-rtn4r Page: Ab1-runx1 Page: Ab1-runx2 Page: Ab1-runx3 Page: Ab1-ruvbl2 Page: Ab1-rx1 Page: Ab1-ryr Page: Ab1-ryr1 Page: Ab1-scn5a Page: Ab1-scn8a Page: Ab1-sdc4 Page: Ab1-sdcbp Page: Ab1-sec13 Page: Ab1-sec22b Page: Ab1-sec23 Page: Ab1-sec31a Page: Ab1-sema4d Page: Ab1-sept6 Page: Ab1-sept7 Page: Ab1-sftpa Page: Ab1-sftpb Page: Ab1-slc6a3 Page: Ab1-slc9a3.2 Page: Ab1-slc12a10.2 Page: Ab1-slc14a2 Page: Ab1-slc16a6a Page: Ab1-slc18a3 Page: Ab1-slc34a2a Page: Ab1-slc34a2b Page: Ab1-smad4 Page: Ab1-smad5 Page: Ab1-smn1 Page: Ab1-smo Page: Ab1-snap25 Page: Ab1-sncb Page: Ab1-SNO-Cys Page: Ab1-snw1 Page: Ab1-socs1a Page: Ab1-socs3a Page: Ab1-sort1 Page: Ab1-sost Page: Ab1-sox2 Page: Ab1-sox6 Page: Ab1-sox9 Page: Ab1-sox9a Page: Ab1-spi1 Page: Ab1-spon1b Page: Ab1-sqstm1 Page: Ab1-src Page: Ab1-srebf1 Page: Ab1-srebf2 Page: Ab1-srfa Page: Ab1-stac3 Page: Ab1-stm Page: Ab1-stx1a Page: Ab1-stx4 Page: Ab1-sumo Page: Ab1-sumo1 Page: Ab1-supt5h Page: Ab1-sycp3l Page: Ab1-syp Page: Ab1-t Page: Ab1-ta Page: Ab1-taar13c Page: Ab1-tau Page: Ab1-tbx6 Page: Ab1-tcf7l2 Page: Ab1-tcf21 Page: Ab1-tdrd1 Page: Ab1-tek Page: Ab1-tfap2a Page: Ab1-tg Page: Ab1-tgfb1 Page: Ab1-tgfbr2 Page: Ab1-tgif1 Page: Ab1-tgoln2 Page: Ab1-thbs4b Page: Ab1-tiam1 Page: Ab1-TMG Page: Ab1-tmod1 Page: Ab1-tmod4 Page: Ab1-tnc Page: Ab1-tnfa Page: Ab1-tnfrsf19 Page: Ab1-tnfrsf21 Page: Ab1-topors Page: Ab1-tor1 Page: Ab1-tpp1 Page: Ab1-trappc3 Page: Ab1-trpv4 Page: Ab1-ttpa Page: Ab1-tub Page: Ab1-tuba1b Page: Ab1-tyr Page: Ab1-ubiad1 Page: Ab1-unc119.2 Page: Ab1-uncx Page: Ab1-ung Page: Ab1-upk3l Page: Ab1-ush1c Page: Ab1-ush2a Page: Ab1-V5 Page: Ab1-vegfa Page: Ab1-vim Page: Ab1-vps11 Page: Ab1-vsx1 Page: Ab1-vtg Page: Ab1-vwf Page: Ab1-wasb Page: Ab1-wnt3 Page: Ab1-wnt3a Page: Ab1-wt1 Page: Ab1-wtip Page: Ab1-xgb Page: Ab1-xirp1 Page: Ab1-xirp2a Page: Ab1-xirp2b Page: Ab1-ybx1 Page: Ab1-yjefn3 Page: Ab1-ywhae1 Page: Ab1-zbtb16 Page: Ab1-zbtb16a Page: Ab1-zcchc11 Page: Ab1-zic1 Page: Ab1-zic3 Page: Ab1-zmynd8 Page: Ab2-5-mC Page: Ab2-acta2 Page: Ab2-actb Page: Ab2-aldoc Page: Ab2-amh Page: Ab2-and1 Page: Ab2-apoc1 Page: Ab2-app Page: Ab2-aqp4 Page: Ab2-ascl1 Page: Ab2-atg5 Page: Ab2-atp6v1a Page: Ab2-atr Page: Ab2-avp Page: Ab2-birc5 Page: Ab2-ca Page: Ab2-calb1 Page: Ab2-cald1 Page: Ab2-camk1db Page: Ab2-camk4 Page: Ab2-CD31 Page: Ab2-cdh2 Page: Ab2-cdh5 Page: Ab2-cdh6 Page: Ab2-cdh23 Page: Ab2-cdk9 Page: Ab2-chat Page: Ab2-cldnb Page: Ab2-cldnk Page: Ab2-clrn1 Page: Ab2-col1 Page: Ab2-col1a1 Page: Ab2-col2a Page: Ab2-crx Page: Ab2-ctbp2l Page: Ab2-ctnna Page: Ab2-desm Page: Ab2-dlc Page: Ab2-dvl2 Page: Ab2-eif4e Page: Ab2-eif4ebp1 Page: Ab2-elavl Page: Ab2-eng Page: Ab2-enpp2 Page: Ab2-epha4 Page: Ab2-flt4 Page: Ab2-fos Page: Ab2-fus Page: Ab2-gabbr1 Page: Ab2-gap43 Page: Ab2-gapdh Page: Ab2-gcg Page: Ab2-glycine Page: Ab2-gper1 Page: Ab2-grk7 Page: Ab2-gsk3 Page: Ab2-homer1 Page: Ab2-hsf1 Page: Ab2-hspa5 Page: Ab2-hspb1 Page: Ab2-igf3 Page: Ab2-il4r.1 Page: Ab2-irf6 Page: Ab2-irx7 Page: Ab2-isl1 Page: Ab2-itga2b Page: Ab2-jag1b Page: Ab2-kit Page: Ab2-kita Page: Ab2-kras Page: Ab2-krt Page: Ab2-krt18 Page: Ab2-lef1 Page: Ab2-lmln Page: Ab2-map1lc3b Page: Ab2-mapk14 Page: Ab2-march8 Page: Ab2-matn1 Page: Ab2-mef2 Page: Ab2-mef2c Page: Ab2-met Page: Ab2-mgaa Page: Ab2-mmp2 Page: Ab2-mmp14 Page: Ab2-mnx1 Page: Ab2-mpx Page: Ab2-mpz Page: Ab2-mpzl1l Page: Ab2-msi1 Page: Ab2-mstn Page: Ab2-myc Page: Ab2-myl-Ser19-P Page: Ab2-myo7a Page: Ab2-myod1 Page: Ab2-myog Page: Ab2-neurog1 Page: Ab2-nitr9 Page: Ab2-nitrotyrosine Page: Ab2-nr3c1 Page: Ab2-ntrk2 Page: Ab2-ocrl Page: Ab2-optn Page: Ab2-oxt Page: Ab2-pak Page: Ab2-pan-cadherin Page: Ab2-pard3 Page: Ab2-pax6a Page: Ab2-pcdh15a Page: Ab2-phox2bb Page: Ab2-piwil1 Page: Ab2-prkc Page: Ab2-prkca Page: Ab2-prkcb Page: Ab2-psa Page: Ab2-psen1 Page: Ab2-ptk2a Page: Ab2-ptk2b Page: Ab2-rac1 Page: Ab2-rad21 Page: Ab2-rad51 Page: Ab2-rela Page: Ab2-rhbg Page: Ab2-rhoa Page: Ab2-rp2 Page: Ab2-rpl11 Page: Ab2-rps6 Page: Ab2-s100 Page: Ab2-sag Page: Ab2-sdcbp Page: Ab2-sec13 Page: Ab2-sept7 Page: Ab2-shh Page: Ab2-slc2a1 Page: Ab2-slc9a3.2 Page: Ab2-smad3 Page: Ab2-smad4 Page: Ab2-smn1 Page: Ab2-snap25 Page: Ab2-sox3 Page: Ab2-sox9 Page: Ab2-sox10 Page: Ab2-spast Page: Ab2-spi1 Page: Ab2-spon1b Page: Ab2-sqstm1 Page: Ab2-src Page: Ab2-stat3 Page: Ab2-syp Page: Ab2-ta Page: Ab2-tac1 Page: Ab2-tardbp Page: Ab2-tau Page: Ab2-tbx16 Page: Ab2-tcf21 Page: Ab2-tfap2a Page: Ab2-tgfb1 Page: Ab2-tiam1 Page: Ab2-tnfrsf19 Page: Ab2-tnfrsf21 Page: Ab2-tnnt Page: Ab2-tp63 Page: Ab2-trpv4 Page: Ab2-ttn Page: Ab2-tub Page: Ab2-tubg1 Page: Ab2-uhrf1 Page: Ab2-ush1c Page: Ab2-vegf Page: Ab2-vegfc Page: Ab2-vim Page: Ab2-vip Page: Ab2-vtg Page: Ab2-wt1 Page: Ab2-xirp1 Page: Ab3-act Page: Ab3-acta2 Page: Ab3-ampka Page: Ab3-app Page: Ab3-atg5 Page: Ab3-atm Page: Ab3-atp1a1 Page: Ab3-atp6v1a Page: Ab3-bdnf Page: Ab3-calb1 Page: Ab3-camk2 Page: Ab3-CD31 Page: Ab3-cdc2 Page: Ab3-cdh1 Page: Ab3-cdh2 Page: Ab3-chek1 Page: Ab3-cldnb Page: Ab3-col1 Page: Ab3-col4 Page: Ab3-crb1 Page: Ab3-ctbp2l Page: Ab3-ctnna Page: Ab3-eif4ebp1 Page: Ab3-enpp2 Page: Ab3-flt4 Page: Ab3-fn Page: Ab3-GABA Page: Ab3-gapdh Page: Ab3-grk7 Page: Ab3-gsk3b Page: Ab3-h2afx Page: Ab3-HNK-1 Page: Ab3-hspa5 Page: Ab3-ins Page: Ab3-irx7 Page: Ab3-krt Page: Ab3-krt18 Page: Ab3-lam Page: Ab3-lef1 Page: Ab3-map1lc3 Page: Ab3-map1lc3b Page: Ab3-mgaa Page: Ab3-mpx Page: Ab3-msi1 Page: Ab3-myc Page: Ab3-myl-Thr18-Ser19-P Page: Ab3-myod1 Page: Ab3-oxt Page: Ab3-pan-cadherin Page: Ab3-pax2 Page: Ab3-pax6 Page: Ab3-polr2 Page: Ab3-prkca Page: Ab3-psen1 Page: Ab3-ptk2b Page: Ab3-pvalb Page: Ab3-rps6 Page: Ab3-s100 Page: Ab3-slc9a3.2 Page: Ab3-smad2 Page: Ab3-sox2 Page: Ab3-sqstm1 Page: Ab3-src Page: Ab3-sst Page: Ab3-stat3 Page: Ab3-syp Page: Ab3-tardbp Page: Ab3-tau Page: Ab3-tgfb1 Page: Ab3-tjp1 Page: Ab3-tnnt Page: Ab3-tp63 Page: Ab3-tpm Page: Ab3-ttn Page: Ab3-tubb Page: Ab3-tubg1 Page: Ab3-uhrf1 Page: Ab3-ush1c Page: Ab3-vip Page: Ab3-vtg Page: Ab4-act Page: Ab4-atp6v1a Page: Ab4-calb2 Page: Ab4-cdh1 Page: Ab4-cdh2 Page: Ab4-chek2 Page: Ab4-col4 Page: Ab4-ctbp2l Page: Ab4-enpp2 Page: Ab4-fabp7 Page: Ab4-gapdh Page: Ab4-gsk3b Page: Ab4-h2afx Page: Ab4-hspa5 Page: Ab4-ins Page: Ab4-krt Page: Ab4-lam Page: Ab4-lef1 Page: Ab4-map1lc3 Page: Ab4-map1lc3b Page: Ab4-pax6 Page: Ab4-rps6 Page: Ab4-smad Page: Ab4-sox2 Page: Ab4-sqstm1 Page: Ab4-src Page: Ab4-stat3 Page: Ab4-syp Page: Ab4-tardbp Page: Ab4-tau Page: Ab4-tpm Page: Ab4-tuba Page: Ab4-tubb Page: Ab4-tubg1 Page: Ab4-vim Page: Ab5-akt Page: Ab5-cdh1 Page: Ab5-cdh2 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antibody-Ab2 Page: Anti-Acin-1a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-AICDA (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Alpi (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bad (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bax-a (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bax-b (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bcl2l10 (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bcl-2 (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bcl-xl (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bmp-2b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bmp-2b (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bon (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Bon (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-2 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-2 (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-3a (p12) (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-3a (p17) (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-3b (p12) (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-8 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-9 (IN-1) (p37), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-9 (IN-2) (p37), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-9 (IN-3) (p10), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Caspase-b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Catenin-b1&2 (paired674), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Catenin-b1&2 (pSer674), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cdh-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cdh-2 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-CDK-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-CDK-2 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-CDK-5 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-CDKN-1b (IN-1), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-CDX-4 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Chd (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Chek-2 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cmyb (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Crestin (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Csf-1r (IN-1), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Csf-1r (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Ctnn-b1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Ctnn-b2 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyclin-D1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyclin-D1 (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyclin-E1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyclin-E1 (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyclin-E2 (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyclin-H (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyp19a1a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Cyp-26a1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Daxx (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-DFF-a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-DFF-b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-EF-1a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-EGFR (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Egr-2b (IN-1), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Egr-2b (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-FADD (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Fas (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-FasL (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-FGF-3 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-FGF-3 (CT), Z-Fish™" Page: Anti-Figf (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Figf (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Fli-1a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Fox-A3 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Fox-H1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Gata-3 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Gata-5 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Gata-6 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Gfi-1.1 & 1.2 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Gorasp-1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Gorasp-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Gsk-3b (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Hand-2 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Hdac-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-HDR (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Hhip (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti - Hlxb9l - a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Hnf-1ba (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-HSP90-a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-HSP90-a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Iclp1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Ikzf-1 (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Insm-1b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Isl-1 (IN-1), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Keratin-18 (IN-1), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MAPK-1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MAPK-1&3 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MAPK-3 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MAPK-8 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MAPK-14a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MAPK-14b (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MAP LC3-alpha & beta (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Max (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MBP (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Mcl-1b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Mib (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Mitf-a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MMP-17 (hinge), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Mpx (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Myc-a & b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MyD88 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Myh9l2 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-MyoD-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Ncf-1(CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Nfkbi-alpha-B (NT-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Nfkbi-alpha-B (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Nhsl-1a & 1b (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Nhsl-1a & 1b (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Nkx-2.2a (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Olig-2 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-p38 MAPK-a & b (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Pax-6a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Pax-6a (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Pax-8 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-PCNA (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Prdm-1a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Prickle-1a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Ptprc (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-RB-1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-RB-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Rel (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Rel-a (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-ROCK-1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-ROCK-2a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Ryr-1a (IN) , Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Ryr-1b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-SARM-1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Scrib (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Shha (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Snai-1a & 1b (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Snai-1b (IN-1), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Sox-9a (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Sox-9a (paired183), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Sox-9a (pSer183), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Sox-11a (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Sox-19a (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Stat-3 (paired), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Stat-3 (pTyr708), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Sufu (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Sufu (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tal-1 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tal-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tcf-21 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TCR-Alpha (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tfap-2a (IN-2), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tfe-3a (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TGF-b1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TGF-b3 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TICAM-1 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TLR-3 (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TLR-9 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TNF-a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tnfrsf-21 (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TNFRSF-a (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tp53, Z-Fish™" Page: Anti-Tp53 (IN), Z-Fish™" Page: Anti-TRADD (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-TRAIL-1b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Tubulin-beta (NT), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Wnt-5b (IN), Z-Fish™ Page: Anti-Wnt-8b (CT), Z-Fish™ Page: Atp6v1al antibody Page: Atp6v1b2 antibody Page: Atp6v1f antibody Page: Calm1a+1b+2a+2b+3a+3b antibody Page: Camk2a antibody Page: Ccnd1 antibody Page: Cct5 antibody Page: CD4 antibody Page: Cdh1 antibody Page: Cdh2 antibody Page: Chd antibody Page: Col1a1a antibody Page: Col2a1a antibody Page: Cox4i1 antibody Page: Crabp2a antibody Page: Ctnna antibody Page: Ctnna antibody-Ab2 Page: Ctsl1b antibody Page: CYP3C1 antibody Page: Ddx18 antibody Page: Dlx2a antibody Page: Dnajb9a antibody Page: Dnm2 antibody Page: E-cadeherin Page: Eif2s1 antibody Page: Elavl3 antibody Page: Elavl4 antibody Page: Eng2a antibody Page: Etf1 antibody Page: Etfa antibody Page: FGF1 antibody Page: FLT1 antibody Page: FOXP3 antibody Page: Gabarapl2 antibody Page: Gad1b antibody Page: Gata6 antibody Page: Gnb2l1 antibody Page: Hdac1 antibody Page: Histone H2A.X (phospho Ser139) antibody Page: Hoxb1b antibody Page: Hsp90ab1 antibody Page: Ide antibody Page: IFN-g antibody Page: Inhbb antibody Page: Ins antibody Page: Isl1 antibody Page: Kcnh1 antibody Page: Mafba antibody Page: Map3k7 antibody Page: Meis1 antibody Page: Mitfa antibody Page: Mmp14a+b antibody Page: MMP9 antibody Page: Mpx antibody Page: Myl2 antibody Page: Myl7 antibody Page: Myl7 antibody-Ab2 Page: Myl12.2 antibody Page: Ncs1a antibody Page: Ncs1b antibody Page: Nhp2l1 antibody Page: Otx2 antibody Page: p53 antibody Page: Pabpc1b antibody Page: Paf1 antibody Page: Pax2a antibody Page: Pax6a+b antibody Page: Pcdh8 antibody Page: Pcna antibody Page: Pkm2a antibody Page: Prmt1 antibody Page: Prox1 antibody Page: Psmc3 antibody Page: ptf1a Page: PXR antibody Page: Rab3ab antibody Page: Rab5aa antibody Page: Rab11a+Rab11bb antibody Page: Rab11b antibody Page: Rac3ab antibody Page: Rbb4 antibody Page: Rbb4 antibody-Ab2 Page: Sfrp2 antibody Page: Snf8 antibody Page: Sox2 antibody Page: Sox9a antibody Page: Sox10 antibody Page: Stxbp1a antibody Page: Thbs4b antibody Page: Thbs4b antibody-Ab2 Page: TIMP2a antibody Page: Tln1 antibody Page: Tnc antibody Page: Tp53 antibody Page: Tuba1 antibody Page: Tubb5 antibody Page: Vasa antibody Page: Vcp antibody Page: Vmhc antibody Page: Ywhag1 antibody Page: Zgc136929 antibody