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Antibody Name:

Ab1-elavl from the ZFIN antibody database.

Other names, clone ids, catalog ids etc.

A21271 , A-21271 , A21272 , A-21272 , ab14370 , Ab1-elavl3/4 , ab1-huc/d , anti-ELAVL3/4 , Anti-Hu (16A11) , anti-HuA , Anti-HuC/HuD , mouse anti-HuC/D , mouse anti-human neural protein HUC/HUD , sc-56707 , elavl

Antibody Registry ID.


Does it work on zebrafish?


Host organism


Immunogen organism


Antibody isotype


Antibody type


Anatomical structures recognized
(use terms from the ZFIN Anatomical Ontology)

amacrine cell; amacrine cell neuronal cell body; anterior lateral line ganglion; brain; brain neuron; central nervous system; cerebellum; cerebellum anterior region; cerebellum neuron; corpus cerebelli; cranium glial cell; diencephalon; dorsal anterior lateral line ganglion; dorsal habenular nucleus lateral region; dorsal habenular nucleus neuron; dorsal root ganglion; dorsal root ganglion neuron; dorsal root ganglion neuron neural crest derived; dorsal root ganglion sensory neuron; dorsal telencephalon neuron; dorsal thalamus; enteric nervous system; enteric nervous system neuron; enteric neuron; enteric neuron neuronal cell body; epibranchial ganglion; epiphysis; epithalamus; epithalamus neuron; eye; facial ganglion; facio-acoustic neural crest neuron; forebrain; forebrain neuron; fourth ventricle; fourth ventricle ventricular zone; glossopharyngeal ganglion; griseum centrale; gut glial cell; habenula; habenula neuron; hindbrain; hindbrain neuron; hindbrain ventral region; hypothalamus neuron; inferior reticular formation; intestinal bulb; intestinal bulb neuron; lateral line ganglion; lateral zone of dorsal telencephalon; lateral zone of dorsal telencephalon ventricular zone; lens; medial caudal lobe; medial caudal lobe neuron; medial zone of dorsal telencephalon; medial zone of dorsal telencephalon neuron; medulla oblongata; mid intestine; mid intestine neuron; midbrain; middle lateral line ganglion; neuron; neuron nucleus; neuron neural crest derived; nucleus of the medial longitudinal fasciculus medulla oblongata; nucleus of the medial longitudinal fasciculus synencephalon; olfactory bulb; olfactory epithelium; optic tectum; optic tectum cell; optic tectum central region; optic tectum dorsal region; optic tectum neuron; post-vent region dorsal root ganglion; posterior intestine; posterior intestine neuron; posterior lateral line ganglion; posterior recess; raphe nucleus serotonergic neuron; retina; retina neuron; retinal ganglion cell; retinal ganglion cell neuronal cell body; retinal ganglion cell layer; retinal inner nuclear layer; rhombomere; rhombomere 5 neuron; Rohon-Beard neuron; Rohon-Beard neuron cell body; spinal cord; spinal cord neuroblast; spinal cord neuron; spinal cord primary neuron; spinal cord neural rod; spinal cord neural tube; spinal cord neural tube neuron; statoacoustic (VIII) ganglion; statoacoustic (VIII) ganglion anatomical region; statoacoustic (VIII) ganglion neuron; superior reticular formation medial column; sympathetic chain ganglion neuron; sympathetic nervous system; sympathetic neuron; tegmentum; telencephalon; telencephalon neuron; thalamus; thalamus neuron; torus longitudinalis; trigeminal ganglion; trigeminal neural crest neuron; trigeminal placode; trigeminal sensory neuron; trunk; unspecified; vagal ganglion; ventral anterior lateral line ganglion; ventral nucleus of ventral telencephalon; ventral rhombencephalic commissure; ventral telencephalon; ventricular zone

Recognized target molecules (gene names, domains, epitopes ...)

elavl3  elavl4  


Abcam plc  Life Technologies (Invitrogen)  MoBiTec Molecular Biotechnology  Molecular Probes, Inc.  Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

Assays Tested







from ZFIN curation



  1. Hello,

    I just bought ab 14370, an anti Hu antibody from Abcam.  Immunostianing tissues fixed with 4% PF didn't work- whole mounted tissues is what I used, adults.  I have had success in the past.  Does anyone know if there are issues with particular lot numbers? 

    I'll try this again, using larvae I suppose...

    thanks for your help,


    1. Hi Adam,

      You may have solved your problem by this time -- but if you haven't you should know that that anti-Hu can be sensitive to over-fixation.  For this antibody we fix embryos/larvae for just 2 hours at RT in 4% PFA (or overnight at 4C) -- if you go too long you'll lose the signal.

      - Jim

  2. HI,

    The anti-Hu  16A11 monoclonal   was  originally  designed by our company( We have found it to be very reliable , feel free to order it from us ! We are happy to offer a discount on bulk orders .


    VP Development